From Rita Moreno To Becky G, Gloria Estefan’s Instagram Was Lit During The Kennedy Center Honors

The annual Kennedy Center Honors were held over the weekend and Gloria Estefan was both an honoree and a lowkey correspondent, using her social media game to give fans the behind the scenes scoop.

Held, as is customary, at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Estefan, along with dancer Carmen de Lavallade, rapper LL Cool J, legendary television producer Norman Lear and singer Lionel Richie, were honored for their lifetime achievements in the creative fields.

In the 40 years of the Kennedy Center Honors, there have only been three previous occasions where a sitting president has not attended. This year marks the fourth. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump skipped the event, with the administration stating they would not be attending “to allow the honorees to celebrate without any political distraction.”

It seems likely Trump didn’t attend as protest to both Lear and de Lavallade, who said they would boycott the customary White House reception that the Trumps would have attended. Estefan would have surely also upset the president, saying she relished the opportunity to tell Trump in person what she thought about him and his anti-immigration policies.

Still, with all of those unpleasant undertones, everyone managed to have a good time. And Estefan managed to share it all across her social media accounts.

The Kennedy Center Honorees this year included LL Cool J, the first hip-hop artist ever honored with this prestigious recognition.

Estefan shared the touching moment when the legendary Rita Moreno, herself a 2015 recipient of the Kennedy Center Honor, presented her at the event.

She also shared part of her own speech, in which she spoke about the “amazing tapestry” of U.S. diversity.

The Kennedy Center quoted a piece of her speech on their Twitter account, getting in on the social media action.

After the honorees all spoke, it was time to party with the other celebrities in the room.

On her way to the gala, Estefan refused to sit on the bus so as not to wrinkle her dress. Like a true boss.

Her homie Becky G was in attendance at the gala as well.

Estefan also showed us she was still down to lead the conga.

“After the show there’s an after party.” Damn, Gloria! Get it!

The sweetest social media moment had to be this hug Estefan shared with her daughter after the performance.

You’ll have to wait a few weeks to see the full event, which will air December 26 on CBS. But if you followed Estefan, it felt like you were there.

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