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VIDEO: Drunk Driver Runs Red Light And Good Samaritan Saves Family Crossing Through Intersection

The Phoenix Police Department shared a chilling street camera video that depicts the moment a family of three, with another on the way, were almost mowed down by a man believed to be driving drunk. Ulysses Betancourt and his wife, Gabrielle Burns, had just gotten off the bus. With their baby, Damian, strapped into his stroller, the family of three watched the crosswalk signal turn on, and started crossing the street.  

Suddenly, a Jeep speeds past the red light and into the intersection, just feet away from hitting the family in what would likely have been a fatal accident. Thankfully, an innocent driver in a Chevy Cruz plows into the Jeep just in the nick of time. The Phoneix Police Department is dubbing the driver “a hero” that “may have saved the lives of a couple pushing a stroller through a Phoenix crosswalk.”

The street camera footage clearly shows the family making their way across the street.

Credit: @phoenixpolice / Twitter

Gabrielle and Ulysses were doing everything right. The footage shows the walk signal begins to countdown, signaling the couple that it’s still safe to cross. Several cars making left-hand turns were trying to beat the red light by turning into the crosswalk, though the pedestrians had the right-of-way.

Suddenly, you see the Jeep pummeling straight toward the family.

Credit: @phoenixpolice / Twitter

The Chevy Cruz had a green light, and no way to expect a speeding Jeep would suddenly enter the intersection. For everyone but the drunk driver, it was as normal night as any. “An angel in the form of a Chevy Cruz may have saved the lives of a couple pushing a stroller through a Phoenix crosswalk at 53rd Ave & Indian School,” the Phoenix Police Department tweeted. “The innocent driver will be OK.  The red-light runner was arrested for DUI.” Shockingly, nobody died in the accident.

You can see just how close the accident occurred from the family.

Credit: @phoenixpolice / Twitter

Phoenix police have arrested Ernesto Otanez Oveso, 23, for driving under the influence and aggravated assault. Later, officers found a gun in the Jeep and tacked on a prohibited possession charge to his rap sheet. Oveso was released hours after his arrest.

Oveso and his unidentified female passenger both allegedly fled from the scene on foot. One witness averted their plans for the evening to tail Oveso. Once Oveso noticed he was being followed, he allegedly pulled out a knife and started to stab the car doors of the witness. 

Here, the Betancourt family is obscured by the collision happening just feet away from them.

Credit: @phoenixpolice / Twitter

The cars skid off to the right-hand side of the frame–exactly where the family was waiting to cross just 10 seconds before. If the family didn’t cross the street at that exact moment, they would have likely died. If the Chevy Cruz didn’t drive into that intersection at that exact moment, the family would have likely died. It’s a miracle if anyone’s seen one. One Twitter user said, “Miracles happen everyday. We were fortunate to observe one in this moment.”

“I can’t believe how close we actually were to being hit,” Ulysses shared on Facebook.

Credit: Ulysses Betancourt / Facebook

Me and Gabrielle Burns are the family crossing the street,” Ulysses Facebook captions the street camera video. “That night was scary seeing it from a different point of view I can’t believe how close we actually were to being hit.” A flood of comments from family and friends sent love to the family. 

Wow that is so scary. Glad you made it out safe that really was a close one,” comments Facebook friend Yadhira Chaparro. “Hope you guys are ok emotionally thats a lot to take in. I’m sure you are hugging your family even more tightly today.” Another friend, Daniela Isabel Galvan says, “I got the chills just watching it dude. So happy you guys are good! Los quiero mucho.”

Meanwhile, the xenophobes are doing their thing.

Credit: @investors_az / Twitter

Overwhelmingly, they’re of gratitude that the Betancourt family is safe, and hope that the consequences for Oveso lead to a life of recovery from the insidious disease of alcoholism.

“I feel like god was really looking out for us,” Ulysses shared in a social media post.

Credit: Gabrielle Burns / Facebook

In response to the influx of love and support coming from his Facebook friends and family, Ulysses shared his gratitude. “I’m so thankful nothing happened to my family,” he posted. “Especially because I had my son and another one on the way. I feel like god was really looking out for us.” Bendiciones.

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