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Family Adopts 108-Year-Old Man Who Was Living On The Streets And My Heart Aches

Every once in a while there’s a story so powerful and so emotional that it restores our faith in humanity. Well, thankfully, there’s a story just like this out of Torreón, Mexico involving a family who ‘adopted’ a 108-year-old man who had been living on the streets.

A 108-year-old man is taken in by caring family in Torreón, Mexico.

Although it’s not quite clear why Don Felipe ended up on the streets of Torreón, Coahuila, according to his family, Don Felipe left with a “bag of bottles” and setup his ‘home’ in a city plaza underneath some palm trees. Obviously, not an ideal situation for a man who is over 100 years old and in a city with extremely hot climate.

Thankfully, Don Felipe met Benita Dearz who found him in the central square underneath a palm tree. She immediately offered him $100 pesos to help him get something to drink and some food and took his photo to share on social media. Don Felipe offered her his immense gratitude, telling her that, thanks to her, he already had ‘his coquita and some bread.’

The photo Dearz shared of Don Felipe quickly went viral and soon her cousins began sending her food and clothes to help support Don Felipe. But, quickly enough, Dearz realized that Don Felipe had no proper place to store his new belongings and even less a place to cook the food that was being donated.

The family decided the best thing they could do would be to invite him into their home.

Just a day after meeting Don Felipe, the Dearz family decided to give Don Felipe more help by taking him shopping for clothes and inviting him to dinner at their house. After they allowed him to bathe, eat and get ready, they proposed that he stay and live with them permanently.

“So Don Felipe stayed, bathed, got a new change of clothes and – the best – enjoyed a family dinner. Thank you for the shares, thank you for your good wishes and thank you very much for the messages. This beautiful gesture towards him is in honor of my grandparents Blas and Angelita who are in heaven,” Dearz wrote on Facebook.

As soon as word got out about Don Felipe’s story, people sent in as much help as they could.

Once the story went viral, thousands of people began to send pantries and financial support for Don Felipe.

“Very grateful for the support of Don Felipe, everything that comes in, including the donations from people from other states and even from other countries…It goes to him, it comes from them.”

One of Dearz relatives in a municipal police officer in Torreón. The officer has since helped place Don Felipte in an excellent shelter which provides him with security, daily meals, a clean place to bathe and sleep, medical attention, and other much needed amenities for someone of Don Felipe’s advanced age.

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