The San Diego-Tijuana Border Was The Setting Of An Emotional, Bi-National Easter Celebration

Dozens of people separated by deportations finally had a chance to reconnect as they celebrated Easter at the U.S.-Mexico border. Their meeting was organized by El Faro: The Border Church, a church that holds services at the border every Sunday for Mexican and U.S. nationals, and Caravan Against Fear, a traveling immigration advocacy group. They teamed up to give several families a chance to reconnect at International Friendship Park in San Diego, Calif.

Families in the U.S. and Mexico gathered at the border wall in San Diego, Calif. to celebrate Easter and reconnect after years of separation.

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Friend of the Border Church Father Dermot Rodgers told FOX 5 KSWB why they held the service at the border wall separating San Diego, Calif. and Tijuana, Mexico: “To celebrate the promise that this day brings to Christians and that’s hope and renewal and promise.” Rodgers added, “Our being here, to bring families together, is to bear witness on this side of the border that we expect and hope that one day what seemed like utter darkness and deportation will become a resurrected story of family reunification.”

Families at the wall gathered to worship together and bring attention to the issues facing immigrants in the U.S.


According to a video by CBS 8 KFMB, the gathering was in large part a symbolic movement by the organizations El Far: The Border Church and Caravan Against Fear to show that they are all one family, the human family. Attendees on both sides of the border worshipped in unison while chanting and bringing attention to what the current immigration system looks like with real people.

“We don’t need any more militarization of the border,” Caravan Against Fear spokesperson Alejandra Valles told FOX 5 KSWB.


“We don’t need anymore walls. We already have enough of that. What we need is to start respecting one another as human beings and to start understanding and figuring out how we deal with some of the issues that are happening in Syria, in Mexico, in Haiti, in Brazil, across the world,” Valles told FOX 5 KSWB. “What we are are human beings and we need to start treating each other as such, as neighbors.”

Emotions ran high as siblings reunited with siblings and children reunited with parents after years of separation.

Fox 5 KSWB

And many traveled to San Diego or Tijuana for a chance to touch fingers with loved ones they have been separated from for so long.

Fox 5 KSWB

Families were able to spend a few hours talking and touching fingers through the border fence that has steadily grown since the park was first created. At first there was just a chain link fence the marked the international border. It was from 2009 to 2011 that more fences were added and the access to the border fence was severely restricted making moments to reconnect that much more impactful and important.

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