After Finding Out Why This Man Joined The Military, Ellen Surprised His Family With A Special Gift


“Can you believe this? This is crazy.”

That was Vanessa Villegas’ reaction after finding out what Ellen had in store for her family on “The Ellen Show.” Ellen invited the Villegas family to the show after a video featuring Vanessa’s daughter, Ellie, went viral. In the video, you see Ellie receiving a teddy bear for her birthday. Ellie is told to press a button on the teddy bear, which plays a voice recording of her father, David, a soldier who was in the middle of Army basic training in South Carolina. Ellie’s reaction is priceless.

After playing the video on the big screen, Ellen invited Vanessa and Ellie onto the stage, which was the first surprise — they had no idea they were going to appear on the show. Ellen then presented Vanessa and her daughter with a second surprise: David Villegas, Ellie’s father, appeared on the screen via satellite. In complete shock, Vanessa was brought to tears. Ellie couldn’t stop smiling. Ellen brought out a third surprise: a check for $25,000. The surprise brought both Vanessa and David to tears. They couldn’t thank Ellen enough. Just when the Villegas family thought the surprises were over, Ellen brought out a birthday gift for Ellie, a set of her favorite dolls, complete with accessories. At the end of that segment on the show, Vanessa was able to leave with the joy of seeing her husband and receiving a $25,000 check to help her family financially. Ellen comes through, again.

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