These Latinas Were Escorted Out Of A Ted Cruz Event Because Someone Thought They Might Be Disruptive

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz is seeking re-election to Congress to represent Texas but his campaign isn’t off to a good start. Sen. Cruz is campaigning against Democrat Beto O’Rourke. Sen. Cruz’s campaign has “jokingly” went after O’Rourke because of Latino-sounding nickname. The official launch for Sen. Cruz’s re-election campaign ended with two Latinx students being removed.

On the first day of Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign, two Latinx University of Texas at Tyler students were abruptly kicked out.

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Emily Pinal and Belen Iniguez are members of the Jolt, a bipartisan organization educating and empowering the Latinx community on important political issues.

In an interview with mitu, Pinal says that while she is a supporter of Beto O’Rourke, she wanted to attend Sen. Cruz’s event. Pinal wanted to hear what Sen. Cruz had to say about issues that are important to her. She said she got tickets to attend the free event that was open to the public that would take place at the headquarters of John Soules Foods.

About 100 people attended the event, but before Sen. Cruz arrived Pinal and Iniguez were singled out.


Pinal says that one of the people at the event had noticed them previously while they were outside. She says he saw that they had “Beto” campaign signs, however, they did not bring them into the Cruz event.

She says that while they were at the Cruz event, they met with Michael V. Tidwell, the president of their university.


All was going well, until an attendee went on stage and called out the students saying they were going to be disruptive.

“He said ‘these two girls are obnoxious, be ready for them to make some noise,'” Pinal said. She also recalls that because the room was small, the man’s words echoed and had everyone’s attention. She said they had done nothing wrong.

Nancy Nichols, who also attended the event, said: “They were singled out and it was announced that Beto supporters were here and there could be a disturbance. Iniguez and Pinal were quiet, unobtrusive, compliant, and lovely. Still, they were escorted out. Because there were so few attendees, it was obvious what was happening.”

It was unclear if the man speaking on stage was a campaign aide or just an attendee. We reached out to Sen. Cruz’s campaign and have yet to hear back.

After the man was done speaking. Pinal said they were escorted out of the event.

The students say that while they were told to leave, no one said a thing to support them, not even the president of their university who they had just met and spoken with moments before.

The Cruz event in Tyler continued on and the senator spoke about the toughness of Texans.

“I’ve said many times that Texas is America on steroids,” Cruz said at the event. “The ethos of our great state is, ‘Give me a horse and a gun and an open plain and we can conquer the world.'”

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