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Cardi B Endorsed AOC For President And The Pair Revealed Possible New Meaning For ‘WAP’

The apparent sisterhood between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cardi B is giving me much needed life right now, as we’re in the middle of our six month of a global pandemic. To be honest, even if we weren’t, this relationship between a rising Progressive politician and one of the world’s most successful rappers would be all I needed.

Over the weekend, the love between the two became even more apparent as Cardi B basically endorsed the Congresswoman for the nation’s highest office. And just thinking about that possibility right now, in 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, just brings on the tears. Then AOC had to take it to the next level and basically reinvent the lyrics to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” and I don’t know how much more beauty I can take.

Cardi B has endorsed AOC for President in 2024 – and she didn’t say no.

Over the weekend, AOC was on Instagram sharing her dental care journey. Although very important, especially considering the shocking costs of dental care in this country, it wasn’t all that exciting – at least at first.

Explaining that she hadn’t had access to health insurance for years before her election, AOC noted that she was finally able to get (still-not-very-affordable) dental treatment thanks to her job. In other words, she “got a bag and fixed her teeth,” to quote Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow,” which plays in the background. “EXCEPT YOU SHOULDN’T NEED A BAG TO FIX YOUR TEETH, GET INSULIN, GET HEALTH CARE,” AOC added. Cardi B appears to agree.

On Saturday, the rapper and co-author of the summer’s horniest anthem (“WAP,” which stands for “Wet Ass Pussy,” a collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion) tweeted an excerpt from AOC’s Instagram stories.

Cardi B took note of AOC’s shout-out and gave her one of her own: “She better run for president when she turns 35,” she wrote on Twitter on Friday.

Does this mean we have hope for an AOC-Cardi campaign collab? I for one wouldn’t be mad at all if, in the future, America is a place where Cardi B provides the score to an AOC presidential campaign.

AOC then reinvented the meaning to this summer’s anthem “WAP” and it’s so good.

Although we still have to wait at least one more election cycle for AOC to even be legally old enough to run for the nation’s highest office, the freshman congresswoman didn’t say no. Instead, she tweeted back at Cardi, “Women Against Patriarchy (WAP) 2020,” an apparent reference to the rapper‘s chart-topping latest hit.

Although AOC hasn’t even expressed an interest in running for the presidency, she has been very involved in this year’s primary and election. She also won her primary in New York, basically securing her second term in Congress.

And just to touch on AOC’s initial point about dental care – it is expensive AF and she has a huge point.

Credit: Lotus Dental / Instagram

In Ocasio-Cortez’s original Instagram Story, she went on to extol the virtues of Medicare For All, writing that “DENTAL HEALTHCARE IS HEALTHCARE.”

“If you are making fun of someone’s smile, you are likely making fun of the fact that they don’t have access to HEALTHCARE,” she wrote. “Don’t do that! It makes YOU ugly. Matter of fact don’t make fun of people’s bodies EVER – more often than not it’s tied to roots that are ableist, racist, colorist, classist, etc.”

“Know that if you’re in the same situation, and you are worried that your teeth are having a lil party, you are beautiful and I hope you soon get whatever healthcare YOU want and need,” Ocasio-Cortez continued. “I had to wait years, and hopefully our future won’t be like this.”

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