Camila Cabello Went From Marching In The Streets Of Los Angeles To Winning Her Award For Favorite Breakout Artist At The Kids Choice Awards

Camila Cabello used her moment in the Kids Choice Awards spotlight to thank the young people fighting for change.

After marching in the streets of Los Angeles with her parents and her younger sister, Camila Cabello made it to the Kids Choice Awards to receive her award for Favorite Breakout Artist. Cabello used her award acceptance speech to acknowledge the youth community that is leading the March For Our Lives movement. Seeing hundreds of “young people being brave and kind and compassionate for each other, and speaking up” really moved Cabello. She closed her speech with a message to the youth community of America, saying, “Every kid in this room and every kid watching at home, the future is yours, the world is yours.”

Cabello was one of hundreds of thousands of protestors nationwide letting the current administration know that enough is enough. The March For Our Lives event attracted some of the biggest names in entertainment for a common goal: gun reform. Cabello didn’t march alone. Her mother, father, and sister joined her on the streets in LA demanding that Congress begin passing legislation on gun reform.

Here is Cabello with her younger sister at the Los Angeles march.

Cabello wrote in the post that she was so moved by the powerful display of unity by young people at the march. The March For Our Lives demonstration in LA was one of more than 800 sister demonstrations accompanying the one in Washington.

Other award winners who dedicated their acceptance speeches to the March For Our Lives Movement were Millie Bobby BrownZendaya, and YouTube star Liza Koshy.

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