While On Tour Bruno Mars Decided To Donate A Million Dollars To Flint’s Water Crisis And People Went Wild

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On Saturday, music star Bruno Mars made a huge announcement while performing at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan. A nearby city, Flint, has been in the middle of a water crisis that dates as far back as 2007. There currently is no end to the crisis, as lawsuits have tied up relief efforts. Flint has had to boil water, pay for water filtration and depend on the kindness of strangers to get clean water. Well, get ready for some waterworks of your own, because during one of Bruno Mars’ recent concerts in Michigan, the “That’s What I Like” singer made an announcement that he would be donating a million dollars to help the citizens of Flint. In the video above you can hear Mars say:

“Michigan I can’t thank you guys enough. Thank you so much. Look at this right here. Thank you for all this love and all this support. Matter of fact, I want to tell y’all something. You guys showing me this much love and support tonight, I want to do something special. Tonight I want to donate one million dollars to our brothers and sisters in Flint, Michigan.”

Bruno doubled down on the love, shouting Michigan out on his Instagram.

Mars’ donation will go to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint a non profit that works to help the water crisis in Flint.

Isaiah M. Olvier, the President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, took to Facebook to express his thoughts on the donation.

In a touching post, Oliver wrote:

“With a grateful heart, the Community Foundation of Greater Flint is honored to accept this inspiring donation. We know Bruno Mars’ $1 million gift will be transformative to the children and families of Flint. He understands the issues faced by Flint citizens, and we are touched by his concern and generosity”

Mars’ message and generosity are a warm welcome for a town that’s had to struggle for something so many take for granted.

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