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After Their Mom’s Restaurant Shut Down, Mexican-American Twin Brothers Launched A Loan Co. To Help Latino Small Businesses Thrive

Twin brothers Sean and Kenny Salas were born in the U.S. but were forced to move to their mother’s hometown in Mexico at the age of 12 after she had to shut down her chain of Los Angeles restaurants. 

Inspired by their own financial struggles, when the Salas brothers were studying at Harvard for their MBA, they started drafting a plan to help Latinos run successful small businesses. 

In 2014 Camino Financial launched — but don’t call it just another lender. 

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“Where other lenders see numbers, we see real people and real business owners. Our efforts go beyond lending money,” said content marketing manager, Tania Chaidez Ibarra, over email. 

“We make sure to match our members with the best financing solution according to their goals, needs, and situation, and we provide them with resources and constant guidance,” she added. 

Learning first hand how the lack of information can derail a business, the Salas brothers set out to help Latinos thrive in their small businesses. 

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“There’s a lack of resources for Latinos to help them manage and grow their business. We want to change that scope and make a difference. We believe in giving back to our community. We believe Latinos are the backbone of America’s economy. Now it’s time to prove it!” said Ibarra. 

Since the launch of Camino Financial, the lending company has helped countless small businesses stay on track to meeting their goals. Some businesses not only met their goal but have also been able to give back to their communities, like Celso Hernandez who is one of Camino Financial’s newest clients. 

“He has a restaurant in a high-crime area. The improvements he made in his establishment not only attracted more clients and increased his sales, but also allowed him to create job opportunities and help his community in diverse ways,” Ibarra said.

For anyone who is considering applying for a small business loan from Camino Financial, candidates must have a business that has been in operation for nine months, compared to the two-year requirement by other lenders, and have annual gross sales of $30,000 versus $100,000 from other lenders. Camino Financial does not require a Social Security Number. 

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