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AMC Theaters Reverse Policy, Will Require Guests To Wear Facial Coverings When Reopened

Update: AMC Theaters has changed its policy on facial coverings after swift backlash after stating guests would not be required to. The CEO of AMC Theaters, Adam Aron, told Variety that they didn’t want to cause a political controversy by requiring masks in their establishments. It didn’t take long for AMC officials to walk that decision back following pushback.

Guests at reopened AMC Theaters will be required to wear facial coverings.

It’s been a wild 24 hours for AMC Theaters and CEO Adam Aron. The largest movie theater chain in the U.S. has abruptly changed course on facial coverings when the establishments reopen on July 15. After intense backlash for going against health experts around the world, AMC Theaters will now require guests to wear masks. However, the policy is only requiring facial coverings in parts of the U.S. that require facial coverings. It will be strongly encouraged in other parts of the country.

Just goes to show that when social media unites for a common goal, change happens. As more businesses start to reopen, how to best protect the public will be a growing conversation.

Original: The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. There are cases spiking in several states across the U.S. and South America is quickly becoming a new epicenter for the virus. Yet, AMC Theaters is not requiring people to wear masks when at the theater, going against all health guidelines.

AMC Theaters is not requiring facial coverings for customers as numbers surge in various states.

According to reports, AMC Theater officials announced the decision claiming that they didn’t want to be caught up in a political controversy. You read that right. AMC Theaters is disregarding the best-proven tool to stop COVID-19 infections because officials are the company claim that combatting a deadly virus is political.

Facial coverings have been proven by health officials around the world to be the best tool against COVID-19.

Studies from health officials and organizations from around the world have proven that wearing facial coverings work. Masks and maintaining social distancing are crucial to defeating COVID-19. Customers of the movie theater chain are disappointed that the company would choose to be political over protecting public health.

The chain will also not take temperature checks at the door leaving it open for customers with symptoms to enter with no masks.

The mask has become politicized due to right-wing figures claiming it is an infringement on their rights. One popular Trump supporter was removed from an American Airlines flight for not wearing a mask. Airlines have already announced that people will be placed on no-fly lists if they refuse to wear facial coverings in a move to protect public health.

People are canceling their A-List subscriptions with AMC to protest the decision not to help combat the virus.

AMC CEO and president Adam Aron told Variety that the movie theater company was no rushing to reopen to give the country time to get the virus more under control before opening. He stands with the decision made to place AMC counter science and data in their reopening strategy as one that benefits customers who don’t want to wear facial coverings

Facial coverings work in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

As more is learned about this virus it is more and more certain that wearing facial coverings and practicing social distancing are what work. We are all in this together. By wearing a face mask, you keep others safe. Follow the scientists and the experts as the world keeps on fighting against COVID-19.

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