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Innocent Boy Killed While Trying To Make Money To Help His Mom and Buy a New Computer

A teenage clerk has been murdered after deciding to take up a job at a local store so that he could help his mother and buy himself a new computer. The murder has sparked outrage all over Mexico.

The senseless killing occurred over the weekend in Manzanillo, Colima when three masked armed men barged into the convenience store and shot 15-year-old Germán Mauricio Ruiz dead.

The tragic news has quickly traveled around the world and people, especially those of Manzanillo, are grieving his death.

Credit: @MailOnline / Twitter

According to news reports, two of the robbers quickly opened up the registers and pulled out the cash-filled drawers as 15-year-old Germán stood by without putting up a struggle.

The store had a surveillance system which captured the terrifying moment the third gunman walked back over from guarding the entrance and fired a bullet into the innocent boy’s back.

In a statement to Contexto Colima, the boy’s distraught mother said: ‘My son was a good child, he did not hurt anyone and he was working at Kiosko to fulfill his dream which was to have his computer.”

The victim’s family now lives in tragedy.

Without the help of the police and local investigators, the family is relying only on the support of friends, family, and neighbors.

The family’s last wish is for their son to receive justice for his murder and that that responsible pay for the lives that they’ve destroyed.

Unfortunately, Germán’s recent murder marks the third minor to be killed in Manzanillo over the last 10 days.

Credit: @DanielRangelCr1 / Twitter

Leading some on Twitter to point out that although the death penalty is illegal in Mexico, it already exists across the country – just on the wrong side of the system.

The Pacific Coast state of Colima is one of the country’s most deadly with most violence blamed on drug cartels battling for territory.

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