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Mexican Twitter Is Putting Zara On Blast After Brand Overcharges For Common Everyday Items

Zara has a home store – which may come as a surprise to many in the U.S. – and the brand is under fire for its tone deaf offerings. The company recently featured a very common object found in many Mexican households but at a shockingly high price.

And, of course, Mexican Twitter erupted with delightful memes that perfectly skewer the popular brand.

Mexican Twitter delivers some incredible memes in response to Zara’s new home collection.

The drama all started when word began to spread that Zara Home was selling a loofah sponge – better known as a zacate in Mexico – for $300 pesos (about $15 USD). The problem is it looked like the exact same zacates that one can find in a local market for $10-$15 pesos. So, of course, people were outraged and took to making memes to put the brand on blast.

Mexican Twitter basically launched its own Zara Home catalogue, sharing their own takes on products that Zara Home may launch next. The memes make reference to popular products of Mexican popular culture, such as comales, showers, the blankets that are stamped with animal figures, the stone laundry stations that, in Mexico, are still widely used.

Here are some of the best:

With water still being scarce in towns across the country, and even in the capital Mexico City, many residents rely on two buckets to keep their showers short and quick.

Keep in mind a few buckets would probably run you a few dollars but keeping in line with Zara’s tone deaf pricing, users priced this “Eco-Shower Kit” at $1,199 pesos or about $60 USD.

The iconic blanket printed with giant tigers.

How many of you grew up with one of these blankets on the bed? Or maybe even hanging from a wall like a piece of art? This giant comfortor comes in all styles and colors but the wildlife prints seem to be the most popular and are legit iconic. So they made the perfect addition to the parodied Zara Home collection with an asking price of $7,499 pesos, or about $375 USD.

Who wouldn’t want a pair of acupuncture sandals?

Umm…these definitely do not look comfortable but we’re pretty sure some giant corporation would appropriate them and sell them at crazy high prices anyway.

We could all use an eco-friendly table leveler.

You sit down to dinner and everything goes rolling to one side thanks to your wobbly table. Well, Zara Home may offer this eco-friendly table leveler made out of paper towel and they’re a relative steal at just $450 pesos – about $22 USD.

There’s even multi-use Tupperware.

If you’re not already reusing your plastic containers and jars from things you buy that the supermarket, well then you’re just doing life all wrong. And of course Twitter would mock Zara Home by adding a reused, branded plastic container.

And the ubiquitous stone laundry sinks found on so many rooftops.

These stone laundry sinks are super common across Mexico, often found up on a rooftop or just off the kitchen. They’re used to do laundry and although they’ve fallen out of fashion in many other countries, Mexico still has tons of them. So, of course, it had to be included in the Zara Home collection at nearly $28,000 pesos – or $1,400 USD.

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