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Ordering An Angel Shot At A Bar Is The New Code For ‘Save Me From This Awkward Date!’

Plenty of us have been on a bad date and wished that there was an easy way out of it. But for far too many people, a bad date can quickly escalate into a very dangerous encounter leaving you wishing for an “emergency” excuse to walk right out the door.

Thankfully, there is a new trend that’s helping people stuck in bad, uncomfortable, or even dangerous date situations at bars and restaurants around the world. It comes in form of various safe words a customer can use with waitstaff, and one of the most popular methods is to order a so-called ‘angel shot.’

So how does it work and how could it help save your life?

Angel shots are becoming the go-to safe word for people stuck in uncomfortable dates.

Bars across the world have been spreading the word – often on signs in the women’s restroom – on how customers can use their ‘safe word’ if they’re feeling like they’re in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation. So, whether you’re on a first date or dealing with an insistent and aggressive stranger, you can go to the bar, order an angel shot and the staff will help make sure that you get home safely.

An angel shot isn’t a drink at all. The code word will discreetly tell the bartender that you need their help.

The idea for safe words was inspired by a similar movement in London, where women ask for ‘Angela.’ It was created by The Lincolnshire Rape Crisis, a support service for women and girls in East England.

TikTok user Benji Spears explained how it works in a now viral TikTok.

So, if you’re feeling unsafe or uncomfortable, take notes of the following: order an angel shot neat and a bartender will escort you to your car. Ask for it with ice and the bartender will call a taxi or Uber for you. Order it with lime and the restaurant staff will call the police.

Safewords like this have become key for safety measures thanks to the inherent danger that many women face in simply going out to a bar these days. I mean you never know how meeting a stranger for a first date will turn out, then there’s the rise in date-rape drugs, and just the regular everyday harassment that so many women face on a daily basis. Put all of this together and dates can be absolutely terrifying.

Thankfully, good businesses are working together on safe words like this to make sure their customers are safe.

After reaching millions on TikTok, some expressed concern over the information going viral.

“I understand why some people think this information should remain private, however if people don’t know this exists, they won’t be able to use it,” TikToker Smith told Buzzfeed. “If someone orders an angel shot from me, from that moment on I am not leaving their side and I will stay with them. I will make sure to get them help. So I think the pros of spreading awareness about it outweighs the cons,” he added

Many celebrities, including Demi Lovato, have publicly supported raising awareness of safety words – since if people don’t know about them, they won’t be able to use them.

Have you ever had to order an angel shot? Or been in a situation where you wish you had known about them? Let us know in the comments!

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