Racist Sentenced To 11 Years In Arson Hate Crime Against Latino Neighbors

If you don’t think Latinos have it rough already, with ICE chasing people down and a sitting President who is anti-immigrant, I hate to break it to you, but crime against Latinos is up. A report by NBC News found that hate crimes have been up since Trump’s election. And, Richard Eugene O’Hara, 61, a recently convicted arsonist from Canal Area in San Rafael, which itself is part of Marin County, one of the wealthiest counties in the U.S., just needed to add to those crime stats.

O’Hara was charged for the crime of arson. Yes, arson, the burning of people and their belongings for the purpose of destroying their stuff and/or murdering them. No big. Just “kill it with fire” but instead of something like bugs (which you definitely shouldn’t kill with fire, but I bet people would understand if you did, because ew) we’re talking about human beings. In this case, Latino human beings specifically.

You shouldn’t kill anything with fire ever, but I’m sure someone would forgive you if you took a blow torch to these guys.

The Judge called O’Hara “a methamphetamine-addicted bigot who displayed no remorse.”

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