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As Hurricane Dorian Kills Bahamians, Ann Coulter Thought It Was A Good Time To Make Jokes About The Storm

Hurricane Dorian might be the strongest storm in recorded history, and as it was decimating the Bahamas Monday afternoon, conservative pundit Ann Coulter compared the storm to undocumented migrants at the U.S. border. “At least Dorian patiently waits outside our border before crashing ashore, more than can be said for your average illegal,” she tweeted. Coulter followed up that tweet with another, saying, “At one mile an hour, at least you could outrun Hurricane Dorian. What’s it’s going to do? ‘Wait up!'”

Coulter used to be one of Trump’s loudest supporters. Why has she turned into his biggest critic? 

Ann Coulter is dismayed with Trump because he has failed to deliver on the border wall.

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In an interview with Bill Maher, Coulter admitted that she was “a very stupid girl” to have believed Trump would follow through on his promises, walking back the premise of her book, “In Trump We Trust.” She told Bill Maher that “it’s crazy that I expect a president to keep the promise he made every day for 18 months.” In fact, Coulter has lamented for the days of Obama, who deported more immigrants than any president in history.

Of the many nuanced ways her tweet was received as offensive, folks especially cringed from the “average illegal” comment.

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“Humans seeking asylum are not illegals,” tweeted one Bruce Christian, and he’s right. Trump’s new immigration policies have sought to demonize asylum-seekers, refusing to grant them entry into the United States to await their asylum case hearing. Another Twitter critic by the name of Sleeping Giants, tweeted “Only you could make a weather event xenophobic.” Her supporters have laughed at the statement, telling her that they’re all on the same page. Meanwhile, another critic asked Coulter, “Have you considered seeking professional help? Something inside of you is not right, but counseling and the proper medication will probably help.”

A therapist even responded to offer his services to Coulter.

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Coulter has long rooted her career as a political pundit on speaking for shock value. She is the author of “¡Adios America!: The Left’s to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole” released in 2015. The book details her issues with the immigration policies in the U.S. during President Obama.

Ultimately, Twitter has taken to roasting her for being a “crasher” herself.

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Overwhelmingly, the comments in response to her tweet are highly critical. Many are outright shocked at the level of insensitivity for both immigrants and Bahamians undergoing the worst storm in the nation’s history. Several others wanted to point out her own ancestral history, which is rooted in immigration. “Whose border is ‘ours,’ Anne? Is the land and country collectively owned?” asked a Twitter user named Dan. Coulter doesn’t have a birthright to U.S. land given that she is not an Indigenous American.

Someone else just left this image of what is believed to be the original territory of the Aztecs, Atzlán, which was stolen by the U.S. through a violent war.

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Indeed, the United States is an ancestral homeland to Native Americans. Trump’s campaign has relied on depicting Mexicans as “rapists” and “criminals,” and that rhetoric has created undue stress on Latino and brown Americans, who have been led to feel like the U.S. is no longer a welcome home for them. Twitter roasters want to make sure we don’t forget the history that stretched long before the last three years of scapegoating.

Still, Coulter then proceeded to make jokes about the Hurricane’s slow pace while it killed at least 5 people in the Bahamas.

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“People are dying and she makes jokes,” responded one critic. Another suggested considering, “There is great suffering because of this Hurricane … perhaps you could spare the humour and think of those who are suffering instead and show some basic decency and compassion.” One Latina soberly responded, “Yeah. I’m sure that’s what the people of the Bahamas have been doing for the past day.” Others have cracked their own jokes, tweeting, “Yeah Ann, not even hurricanes want to enter the US because of our GOP-NRA-enabled murder rate.”

Coulter has not walked back her statements on the Hurricane, and has since called Hurricane Dorian “lazy” and “shiftless.”

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Coulter continues to be tone-deaf to the death and destruction that Hurricane Dorian has caused the Bahamas. While she was tweeting jokes, folks were climbing onto their roofs to withstand the hurricane after 28 feet of water flooded their homes. At least 5 people are confirmed dead, including a 7-year-old boy. 

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