This ‘American Idol’ Contestant Is Back After Being Let Go 5 Years Ago, But This Time He’s In Drag

It’s been five years since he took the American Idol audition stage.

Ada Vox made quite the entrance for his “American Idol” audition with a gold dress complete with a black tulle tear-away train. The San Antonio drag queen felt right at home in front of the judges and for good reason. According to a pre-audition conversation Vox had with Katy Perry, it is not the first time the queen has faced the “American Idol” judges. Vox has already competed on “American Idol” Season 12 as Adam Sanders. Vox wasn’t a quickly dismissed contestant the last time either. He made his way to the top 50 contestants while on the show. That was five years ago and this time Vox is determined to make it all the way.

Perry: “And why do you think you got let go?”

Vox: “I didn’t have my stuff together. I was just a chubby little Latino boy into plaid shirts.”

Vox belted out “House of the Rising Sun” by Animals and Perry was shook. Vox’s rendition captivated all of the judges as he slowly let the song come to life in front of Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. His range in the song prompted Bryan to ask about Vox’s range and that’s when the party really started. Vox immediately dropped her voice and sang one line from “Whoomp There It Is” by Tag Team and it sent Perry running around with joy. He then took his range as high as he could and Bryan couldn’t help but applaud the singer. Vox’s vocal skills were enough to get him through to Hollywood so get ready to see more of this powerful drag queen on your tv.

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