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Miracle Child Survives Tragic Accident While Dad Is Pumping Gas

We’ve heard about the dangers that can occur at gas stations. Don’t talk on your cell phone while pumping gas, make sure the nozzle is secured in the gas station, and most importantly, do not be distracted while holding the gas pump. Even when we know the dos and don’ts while at the gas station, there’s still danger everywhere. This latest story out of Mexico shows how things can go wrong in a second.

Warning: the visuals of this tragic accident is graphic.

Last week in Queretaro, Mexico, a little girl almost died at a gas station while her dad filled up a gas container.


The incident, which was all caught on a surveillance camera, shows the 7-year-old girl standing in the back of her dad’s pick up truck. The dad is casually pumping gas inside a container that is also in the back of the truck.

In an instant, the container is fueled with a roaring fire from the gas nozzle as the girl is standing right next to it.


According to the Daily Mail, “a Querétaro government official said the explosion was caused by a static discharge from the little girl’s clothing and the fumes from the fuel.”

As the dad sees the flames rise next to his daughter, he removes the nozzle from the container, and the fire expands to the entire back of the truck.


The video shows the little girl running to one side of the truck, and can no longer be seen in the shot.

The fire then extends to the entire pumping station and on the roof.


The fire overtakes the gas station within seconds and the father and daughter are no longer visible. According to the publication, both child and dad miraculously survived and are in the hospital. The child did suffer first and second-degree burns.

Watch the entire video below.

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