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A ‘Good Morning America’ Reporter Went Live On Air With No Pants And Let’s Try And Learn From His Big Mistake

I would say we can all relate to this major fumble by a ‘Good Morning America’ reporter – but then again I’ve never been caught not actually wearing pants on any of my Zoom calls.

Sure, millions of us are currently encerradas thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic – doing our jobs from the bed, desk, sofa, and kitchen table – in various states of dress. But, I don’t think many of us would forget we’re not wearing pants. Especially, when live on national television.

Unfortunately, reporter Will Reeves did forget. And it’s a moment that he won’t soon forget.

He Went On ‘GMA’ Wearing No Pants, Not Realizing We Could All See

It turns out, there may be a downside to quarantine making us all super-casual dressers. Reporter Will Reeves had a live video call on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’, and he got all suited up donning a dress shirt and suit jacket. But turns out he just couldn’t be bothered to put some pants on.

He had gone live to discuss a story about drones beginning to deliver medication in Florida. Camera framing and digital graphics made it appear as though he was fully dressed in the beginning of the segment. But toward the end, his bare legs began to show onscreen. 

Reeve himself is taking his 15-minutes of fame with a sense of humor.

“I have ARRIVED… in the most hilariously mortifying way possible,” Reeve joked after photos of his appearance went viral online. 

He went on to explain that he had started to get ready for “a post-GMA workout a little too soon,” and is now rethinking his morning routine.

“Any sartorial tips from (online commenters) who are wearing a belt, trousers and shoes during their work video calls at home are most welcome,” he wrote on Twitter. “Now, back to work. Wearing pants. Hope everyone got a much needed laugh.” We did Will, we really did.

Now let this reporter’s mistake serve as a PSA to all of us doing video calls from home.

Reeve’s wardrobe malfunction may have given us that viral moment of the week, and a much-needed laugh, but let’s be real: this could very well happen to you. So let’s use this moment to remember to get properly dressed for a meeting or make sure that the camera won’t show anything we don’t want seen. And, if you’re looking for some super great backgrounds for your next videollamada, we’ve got them all right here for you.

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