7 Things Latinos Have Been Doing Since The Very Beginning Of Fútbol

Much like how Wendy’s has always served up the fresh beef, LatinXs have always done certain things when it comes to fútbol. It’s in our blood and pretty much part of our genetic make up. We’re the original fútbol fans, and it’s something we’re insanely proud of, like how Wendy’s is the OG of fresh beef because they been serving it up since they started.

Here are 7 things LatinXs have always done since the beginning of soccer.

1. Painting our faces the colors of our favorite team.

As long as the sport has been around, we’ve always painted our faces the colors of our favorite team. You basically can’t watch a fútbol game without doing this.

2. Ripping off our shirts when it comes to a crazy victory.

Can you blame us? We’re passionate about what we love! And when we love something as much as we love fútbol, we’re going to rip our shirts off like crazy people. Especially when our team scores a goal.

3. Throwing the dopest parties.

Watching a fútbol game is never just…watching a fútbol game. It’s throwing the best party ever, inviting all of our friends and familia over, and watching the game. It’s a staple to the soccer season. You can’t simply be alone and watch soccer. You’ve always got to make it a party.

4. Having the best food for those parties.

What’s a party without delicious food? LatinXs have always thrown the best fútbol parties and we’ve always had the best food at those parties. And because we care so much about fútbol, we can’t just have any old snacks. We’ve got to make sure we have the best of the best, which is why Wendy’s fresh beef is the perfect thing to eat while watching the game.

5. Yelling until we lose our voice.

In the same way that excellent food– like Wendy’s fresh beef, is essential at a futbol party, so is screaming until we lose our voice. We’ve been doing it since forever. It’s just common knowledge that during soccer season, every LatinX won’t have a voice.

6. Making ridiculous signs and banners for the game.

It’s true – LatinXs have always done this. What’s the fun in going to a game if you can’t wave around a ridiculous sign and banner? We’re all about getting attention at fútbol matches.

7. Starting them young.

LatinXs are soccer fans from pretty much the moment we are born. We’ve always been rooting for our favorite fútbol teams.

LatinXs are the OGs of fútbol fans, and there’s no denying it. We pull out all the stops when it comes to cheering our favorite teams on. This soccer season, we’re all about enjoying some good food like Wendy’s fresh beef, and watching a good game.

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