25 #NationalSchoolWalkout Photos That Will Chill Your Bones And Fire Your Rage

April 20th, 2018 marked the 19th anniversary of the horrific Columbine High School shooting that stole the lives of twelve students and one teacher. Since then, more than 208,000 students have experienced gun violence, according to The Washington Post. Thats hundreds of thousands of students who have watched their friends be gunned down, who thought they were going to die, or who were wounded or killed.

Thousands of students walked out in memory of the 130 students who have died since Columbine to boost the public plea for gun reform. Here’s the heartbreaking proof that young people’s momentum is for change is not dying down:

1. Our kids shouldn’t be spending time making posters like this:

@huffpost / Instagram

Or even pondering this very valid question. Gun violence is spreading like cancer–we all know someone who has been affected and new legislation is the prevention.

2. Students marched straight off school campus…

@evanmcmurry / Twitter

This school in Detroit had a solid walkout. Students risk disciplinary consequences by participating and we’re curious to see how they spend their detentions. #MakeMorePosters

3. …or to their State Houses and City Halls.

@briddyjoy / Twitter

Students from schools all around town marched to their local city halls to demand action from their legislators. Some even used this time to register other students to vote.

4. One Florida school’s march was cancelled because of a school shooting.

@_SJPeace_ / Twitter

One student was shot before the suspect was controlled, and students had to barricade their classroom doors.

Caption: One student was shot. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. #NationalSchoolWalkout

5. Which only made the students speak louder:

@_vricardo / Twitter

Caption: “We have a voice too! #NationalSchoolWalkout”

And they’re voices will be heard loud and clear come midterm elections 2018.

6. And sometimes, all you need is silence to get the message across. ?

@tkocreative / Twitter

Caption: “Hundreds of students pouring into Washington Square Park to perform a die in for the #NationalSchoolWalkout #ENOUGH”

7. “Am I Next?” is the question on every student’s mind.

@VotingMomIL / Twitter

Caption: “These Naperville, Illinois students know they are 23x more likely to be victims of gun violence than teens in peer nations. Amplify their voices. Become single-issue #gunsense voters.”

8. Emma González continues to lead the movement.

@emma4change / Twitter

“This prisoner jumpsuit was my Halloween costume 2 years ago (OITNB) but I wore it today because our schools are looking more like prisons and bomb shelters and less like the learning institutes our parents had the privilege of enjoying.”

9. And communities supported her all across the country.

@aemarling / Instagram

The San Francisco Federal Building had this image of Emma projected on their building. #NeverAgain

10. Students keep calling B.S.

@samohi4change / Twitter

And rightfully so. Since Columbine, there have only been growing liberties offered to gun owners, making guns even more accessible, especially in Florida.

11. Santa Monica City Hall was flooded with students who stand with Parkland.

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In a recent Times editorial, President Obama penned this wisdom:

“The Parkland, Fla., students don’t have the kind of lobbyists or big budgets for attack ads that their opponents do. Most of them can’t even vote yet.
But they have the power so often inherent in youth: to see the world anew; to reject the old constraints, outdated conventions and cowardice too often dressed up as wisdom.”

12. Because all they’re really asking for is to feel safe.

@huffpost / Instagram

At school. Duh, how is this not a no-brainer. Pro tip: arming teachers with more guns wouldn’t make me feel any safer either. #LatinosForGunReform

13. Job: Represent The People

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Here they are, Congress! So freakin’ do something already. We couldn’t even get through a #NationalSchoolWalkout day without a school shooting.

14. Kids are smart enough to know how politics get dirty.

@abbbbnormal_1 / Twitter

Because the NRA owns so many congressmen and women that they won’t do their jobs. Kids are smart enough to see that.

Caption: “I walked out today for the students who couldn’t. We aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

15. See? They see you, NRA. ?

@adria.cordero / Instagram

And they’re going to vote out your cronies in just a few short months here. ???


16. Teenagers know how to organize.

@deerfieldacademy / Instagram

They have social media. And brains. Don’t underestimate them.

Caption: “Deerfield students have planned a series of advocacy initiatives around #nationalschoolwalkout today including voter registration training, speeches and other forms of protest and advocacy. The events of the day are entirely student led. We celebrate our students’ desire to advocate for issues they are passionate about and encourage them to debate productively, listen to understand, advocate skillfully, and have their voices heard.”

17. Although, we wish they could spend more time in the classroom.

@_hannahhhf_ / Twitter

Instead of taking on the burden of fighting for their lives in the school courtyard. #OrangeIsTheNewBlack

Caption: “Huge turnout! My fellow students from schools across Chapel Hill and Carrboro gathered on the anniversary of Columbine as we demanded universal background checks and raising the minimum age requirement for firearm purchase to 21. #NationalSchoolWalkout”

18. Here’s the thing: gun reform will happen.

@___alondraaa121 / Twitter

This is just how grassroots movements work. We rise up, we change the world with our vote, and we see change.

19. And these young people are going to bring it.

@GalaxyXOTWOD / Twitter

They have the energy, the wisdom of movements that have come before them, and a social conscience trauma of knowing that nobody else is going to do it for them

20. So say goodbye to the old ways.

@holyharry94 / Twitter

Because we all know that thoughts and prayers are worthless when they thinly veil legislators actual plan to do nothing. We see through that now.

21. Because thoughts and prayers are not enough.

@angelmontes713 / Twitter

Proof these are smart cookies:
“Guns have more rights than my vagina.”

“This is a school zone, not a war zone.”

“The number of bullet holes in this poster are the number that can be shot in the time it takes to read it.”

“Guns are easier to buy than my education.”

“Thoughts and prayers don’t save lives. Gun reform will. Protect the kids!”

22. These kids are losing out on their education to try to prevent them from losing their lives.

@huffpost / Instagram

It truly is a march and movement for their lives. The Parkland survivors are shining examples of why they march: for their friends who can’t any longer.

23. And they need to grow up and raise kids who won’t have to make these signs.

@schoolwalkoutUS / Twitter

Caption: “We are ALL impacted by gun violence. You’re never too young to make your voice heard! #NationalSchoolWalkout #NeverAgain”

24. Unlike the survivors of Columbine. How did this happen?

@schoolwalkoutUS / Twitter

TFW you’re still too young to vote, so you join a #NationalSchoolWalkout and make your voice heard!

25. This won’t be the last story you read about their #NeverAgain movement.

@theamericanvoiceproject / Instagram

Until Congress makes lasting changes for gun reform, we hope not one more kid will have to suffer. Register to vote. Share this, and anything else from #LatinosforGunReform.

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