This 11-Year-Old Daughter Is Selling Lemonade In Hopes Of Making Enough Money To Help With Her Mother’s Transplants

A child selling lemonade during the summer is one of the most iconic ideas of Americana. Usually the kids are wasting time until school starts back and might make a few bucks, but it’s different for an 11-year-old New Mexico girl. She is raising money for her mother.

That’s probably the motivation behind this little girl in Las Cruses, New Mexico.

Eleven-year-old Nemiah Martinez set up a lemonade stand to help her mom with medical costs.

Nemiah’s mother, Paloma, needs a kidney and pancreas transplant. Before she can get the transplant, she first has to get to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and get on a transplant list, KOB4 reports. Nemiah is selling the lemonade to cover the cost of her mother’s trip to the out-of-state Mayo Clinic.

Nemiah says her mother needs this surgery in order to take care of her.

She’s been raising funds since the end of April and so far she’s raised more than $3,000 on GoFundMe.

A GoFundme page has been set up to help her with her lemonade fundraiser.


“My mommy has always taken care of me and I want to take care of her,” Nemiah wrote on her Gofundme page. “I see how much my mom is struggling and all I want to do is help her, if you see me around town, I hope that you stop by.☺”

Others have been so inspired by Nemiah that they are helping her raise money too.


A group organized a festival in Scottsdale centered around raising funds for Nemiah and her mom.

“Paloma Martinez and her daughter Nemiah have been all over the Community Watch pages lately with Nemiah’s lemonade stand. They joined us at the First Annual Cruces Cannabis Convention and raised $205 – we want to raise even more! Paloma must undergo 3-4 days of necessary testing to get her double transplant (kidney and pancreas), and we want to help cover gas, hotel fees, food needed during the trip.”

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