11 Powerful Reasons Why People Protested For Immigrant Rights In Los Angeles This Weekend

Thousands of protesters met in downtown Los Angeles’ Pershing Square Park to show solidarity for immigrants. Children showed up to support immigrant parents, friends supported each other and whole families took to the streets to protest as a unit. Here are some of the people mitú spoke to about their reason for protesting.

Kimberly Calleros, 22

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“I’m here just because this is something that I hold close to my heart,” Calleros told mitú. I come from a family of immigrants so I feel like it’s definitely something that I want to be out here and support, especially just because it’s something close to me. I feel like the people out here can make a difference and I can’t wait to see how far this goes.”

Jaqueline Martinez, 18

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“I’m here because I’m tired of being scared,” Martinez told mitú. “I’m tired of feeling threatened and I feel like uniting with so many people who support people like me, because I’m a DACA-beneficiary, that’s just such a warm feeling and I’m here because of my parents. Like my sign says, she crossed for me so I’m here representing her.”

Lizbeth Molina, 23

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“I’m here for my mother,” Molina told mitú. “I’m here for everyone whose voices have been silence by this society that’s been compromised by the tyrant that’s in power right now and because I have the right to be here. I’m just here to show solidarity.”

Jessica Alcantar, 24

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“I’m here today because I come from a family of immigrants,” Alcantar told mitú. “I’m first-generation and first-generation in college with a master’s degree for my family. This country has offered us a lot of opportunities and I think that everyone who’s come here deserves those same opportunities.”

Ashley Ramirez, 19

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“I’m here because everyone deserves to be here. This is literally the land of the free. We say that we accept people but how can we say we accept people when we’re deporting people back? We’re banning people who are Muslim. That just doesn’t make sense,” Ramirez told mitú. “My father, he’s an immigrant here. He’s trying so hard to get his green card and he has to live with that fear now of getting caught and being sent back. I am marching for my father. I am marching for so many people here today.”

Cuathmose, 50 (pictured right)

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“We are here to support the people at this march and what they are doing and to defend their rights,” Cuathmose told mitú.

Juan Silva, 28

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“I’m here because I am supporting other immigrants,” Silva told mitú. “I am an immigrant from Sinoloa, Mexico.”

Jose Barragan, 36

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“I’m here to represent what the American Dream can really be,” Barragan told mitú. “Right now the only defense we have against this administration is to take to the streets, show our resistance and really, for those who are still on the fence and think that the campaign was simply a war of words is in actuality becoming a war of actions and we are under attack. A lot of our communities are under attack.”

Valencia/Soto Family

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“We’re both the children of immigrants and I think it’s just important. I love this city and this city was built on immigrants, this whole country first off, but this city specifically,” Mary Valencia told mitú. “We want to show our sons that it’s not okay. What’s going on it not okay and we are all in this together. Whether it’s marching or supporting the organizations that are doing the grassroots work. We’ve got to do something.”

Sal Osorio, 37 (pictured left)

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“I’m just supporting everyone who is an immigrant, you know, brothers, sisters, coworkers, friends from church, friends from school,” Osorio told mitú. “We’re all somehow connected to all of these people. We were all in that position at some time. Just because we are on this side of the wall doesn’t mean that, ‘Oh. It’s okay. It’s not going to affect us.'”

Soto/Serrano Family

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“I’m here because I think what Trump is doing is wrong,” Gloria Soto (pictured left) told mitú. “I don’t think it’s fair and I think we have to take a stand to show him that we’re not going to stay quiet; we’re not going to back down. Immigrants are a part of America and part of our history and he can’t change that.”

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