People Are Turning To Twitter To Express How They Feel About The 23-Year-Old Who Was Taken By ICE

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In the surge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests that took place last week in which almost 700 people were arrested, 23-year-old DACA beneficiary Daniel Ramirez-Medina found himself among the arrested.

Ramirez-Medina, whose undocumented status is protected under Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was arrested at his father’s house in Washington state and his lawyers are currently fighting for his release.

His lawyers say that Ramirez-Medina is the first DREAMer to be arrested under Donald Trump’s executive orders and has no criminal record.

While ICE officials allege that the Ramirez-Medina arrest is justified because he confessed to being affiliated with a gang, his lawyers deny that accusation completely and hope ICE made a “mistake.”

People on social media have expressed outrage over this arrest and have extended their support of Ramirez-Medina.

Groups of people are uniting to protest.

And people are expressing their confusion and frustrations.

People are doing what it takes to make this hashtag visible on a grand scale.

Some are trying to give America a wake-up call…

Pleading for justice…

And demanding that these raids stop.

While others just want to make sure the law is being upheld.

Even political figures are getting involved and standing up for Ramirez-Medina.

Most of all, people want Daniel to know they are with him.


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