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All Of The Times Latinos Turned Up For People In 2019

In our busy and complicated world, we sometimes need to pause and remind ourselves of all the good that humanity is capable of. To make it easier, we’ve gathered ten examples of sincere acts of kindness—some great, some small—to warm your heart and inspire even more compassion this holiday season (and into the next decade, too!).

An elote street vendor in California needed an upgrade and a bunch of people sent him money to support his business.

Credit: Angie Banks/Daily Nexus 

Hijinio Camacho, a vendor who used to set up his cart on the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) campus, posted a sign with his Venmo username so students could pay for their elotes and raspados electronically. A photo of him went viral, and after UCSB prohibited Camacho from selling food on campus in 2017 (his cart didn’t comply with its Environmental Health and Safety policies) people around the world started sending him donations to support his goal for a new food truck.

Sia went undercover at Walmart and paid for people’s groceries.

The singer, who is known for her elaborate yet anonymous persona (she tends to hide her face behind seriously edgy hairstyles), did not reveal her identity, claiming that her name was Cici and she had just won the lottery.

Mystery Kid covered people’s parking costs during last year’s holiday season:

Mystery Kid is the real hero in these streets.

London Heathrow Airport surprised U.S. passengers with pumpkin pies when their baggage was lost on Thanksgiving.

Credit: Heathrow Airport

The UK doesn’t even celebrate Thanksgiving (obvs), yet these attendants still stood by to help brighten what might have been a real bummer for U.S. travelers.

A retired subway conductor was so touched by an immigrant college student’s story that he donated thousands of dollars to help fund her tuition.

Credit: James Keivom/New York Daily News

Luis Hernandez was deeply moved by Angy Rivera’s story. As an undocumented college student, Rivera did not qualify for financial aid, so she offered to exchange handmade bracelets for a donation to her college fund. Each bracelet cost $5, and Hernandez pledged much more than that—in one fell swoop, he paid off the entire $2,500 bill.

Sesame Workshop and International Rescue Committee launched an Arabic version of Sesame Street for refugee children.

Sesame Street came to the Arabic-speaking world back in 2015, after a 25-year hiatus. But this year, the program has centered its focus on engaging with refugee children affected by the Syrian Civil War and other conflicts in the region. Titled Ahlan Simsim, the program seeks to represent refugee children and provide them with the education that violence and upheaval has taken from them. The new program will be broadcast throughout the Arabic-speaking world in early 2020.

An entire town in Colorado housed 700 stranded travelers in the midst of a crazy snowstorm.

Credit: Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post

Fairplay, a town of just 762 people, sheltered more than 700 travelers over the course of a very stormy weekend. When volunteer shelters—then, later, hotels—filled up, hotel managers let travelers sleep in lobbies and hallways, providing them with hot beverages and extra pillows and blankets.

Two construction workers found a misplaced wallet from 1957—and returned it to the owner’s grandchildren.

Credit: Getty Images

Two construction workers were removing the sink in an office bathroom when they found an old wallet tucked between the sink and the wall. In it was a cardboard Sears credit card, a paper driver’s license, trading stamps, a note reminding the owner to “wear dress or suit and heels,” and a $107.37 paycheck for a month of nursing work. By the time it was found, the wallet’s owner had been dead for nearly a year. It was ultimately returned to her grandchildren, who got an unexpected and intimate glimpse into their late grandmother’s life as a young woman.

This grandmotherly lady offered runners a handful of moral support.

There’s nothing like a high five from a sweet abuelita when you’re dying from an excess of cardio.

Tyler Perry paid the medical and travel bills of an American couple stranded in a Mexican hospital.

Credit: Tori Austin/Facebook

When a couple went on a Mexican cruise and one of them fell severely ill, they were faced with a $14,000 medical bill. The hospital would not let the couple leave without paying their fees in full, and when he got wind of their situation, film mogul Tyler Perry took immediate action to help them out. Not only did he pay their medical bill—he also paid to get them back home to Atlanta.

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