Check Out Your Love And Professional Prospects Now That Venus Retrograde Is Over

Congrats on surviving Venus retrograde, everyone. You’re just in time to experience the next planetary back peddle, courtesy of none other than the ever-popular Mercury. With romantic realms getting set straight but communication being thrown off, a lot of you might be seeing stars that aren’t necessarily there and creating your own personal fairy tale in your minds. Some might have found your soulmates while others are just painting it that way in your minds. Whether or not these pretty little bubbles might burst, it’s at least nice to live in them for a moment, right? What fun is real life, anyway?


Things might seem very confusing this week, Aries, and no, it’s not in your head. A full moon in your communication sector on Friday might have you feeling delusional in love like you are holding on too tightly to something that might just be of your imaginative creation. Just remember to breathe and, instead of wondering if you’re being unrealistic, use that energy to manifest what it is you truly want. If anyone can do it, it’s you, my determined Aries.


Money, money, money. If there’s one thing you’re good at having self-control over, it’s that, Taurus. Mercury’s retrograde is only going to highlight your relationship with money, so now is the time to reevaluate, budget and plan out your finances for the future over the next three weeks. This sense of control over your livelihood will only invite more savings into your life and help you gain a further sense of your financial autonomy. You don’t need anyone’s help. You pay your bills all by your damn self, bull.


Friday’s full moon in your sign will leave you feeling vulnerable and raw, Gemini, and now that Mercury has also turned retrograde, setting off miscommunication, you may feel like you’re going a little crazy. Use this time to find of the matter in situations and to calm your head a bit before overthinking too many things. Use this time to reflect and focus on the love in your life that helps calm these matters.


With Venus retrograde behind you, you’re feeling more comfortable and centered back in your shell, as usual, Cancer. However, you might also find yourself getting too inside your head and not saying what’s really on your mind to a loved one or someone else close to you. Mercury’s retrograde creates a lapse in communication, so you might not feel comfortable talking out a concern that has been bothering you or that your feelings won’t be well-received. This worry is to be expected, but remember that holding things in only makes for a larger explosion in the end.


You’re feeling completely at home and content with your current love situation, but you may have realized that your financial planning together has left a lot wanting. Perhaps you were unrealistic about some of your goals despite doing your best to calculate your future appropriately. In a time of Mercury retrograde, a way to use this towards your advantage is by reassessing your spending habits and making cuts where needed. You work hard, so make sure you and your money maintain a healthy relationship like the one you have with your partner.


Mercury’s retrograde is a time for you remind yourself that, when it comes to your spending habits, focus first on what it is that you need versus what you want. Work might be slow for you right now, but this means you have the time to focus on getting your finances in the spot they need to be. The same will go with your relationship, Virgo. In the past, you’ve felt like you were the one who was always doing the heavy lifting, but your refusal to give up on your love connection pays off this week when all you see is stars in the eyes of your paramour.


With Venus direct now, you’re ready to put your best foot forward, Libra. Perhaps this a good time for a makeover that makes you feel more empowered and sexy, or gives you the confidence to finally step up about what is making unhappy at work. There’s a strong potential you might have been carrying on with a workplace romance, and for some, this might even mean you’re ready to put this relationship over your career. Think before you act, Libra. Especially during a Mercury retrograde, when it’s not the best time to be making life-changing decisions. Ruminate over your actions for the next three weeks before you potentially self-sabotage.


Mercury may be in retrograde, Scorpio, but with Mars moving through your true love sector this week you won’t even notice. However, you could be so willing to see your prince or princess in anyone you meet that you could be setting yourself up for a dud. While it’s beautiful to believe in true love, trying too hard to find it could open you up for disappointment and delusions. Make sure you’re really choosing the right mate, Scorpio, if not only for you but also for their sake. Remember the strength of that sting you give whenever you feel burned!


A full moon in your partnership sector this week will highlight the truth of your relationship, Sag. As with your typical Mercury retrograde, something from the past could be rearing its ugly head, and it’s impacting the health of your current relationship. Getting this concern out in the open and having a discussion with your loved one is the only way to move forward and to know if it means it’s time to also leave this relationship in the past. Some time alone might be needed to help guide you to want you truly need for your future.


Mercury retrograde is reminding you to reign in how much you’ve been throwing out there, Cap. Perhaps you’ve been overexerting yourself in the name of career and the universe is telling you to slow your roll and focus on how to better make the most of your time and energy without throwing yourself into every possible situation. The same might also be the case for your love relationship, as you’re willing to overlook certain issues in the name of love. You can’t ignore these forever, even if it helps you feel like you’re living in a fairy tale.


You’re unique and original, Aquarius. We all know this, but do your best to listen to the ideas of others this week as Mercury’s retrograde can affect communication. Are you giving everyone their due attention or forcing more of your brilliant plans? Take the time to make sure someone else gets the mic. When everyone gets a chance to play, better teamwork and creativity abound. As for your romantic world, you might be feeling the true love butterflies this week, my water-bearer. Don’t play games, express how you really feel about this person if you know you’re 100% ready to go all-in.


With Mercury retrograde beginning just last week, this is the time to turn off those gadgets and spend quality time reconnecting with the people dearest to you in your life, Pisces. Neptune turns direct in your sign this weekend, helping you see the positive in all situations. Whether that’s good or bad is what you make of it, but remaining uplifting in any situation obviously always has its benefits.

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