Yep, Dro’s Dad On ‘Insecure’ Is Played By Popeye From ‘Blood In Blood Out’

If you’re all caught up on HBO’s “Insecure,” you should be pretty familiar with Alejandro “Dro” Peña, Molly’s childhood friend:

Insecure / HBO

Despite obvious chemistry between the two — and Dro’s claim that he’s in an open relationship — Molly has been reluctant to take their relationship further.

In episode 5, there’s a brief scene, before Molly’s parents are set to renew their vows, where we are introduced to Dro’s parents.

Insecure / HBO

They walk in and say hello to Molly and her date. Then, Dro says he wonders when his parents will renew their vows. His father jokes, “Y yo le venía diciendo que se preocupara de sus propios asuntos.” Molly replies “Good luck,” and they all share a nice little chuckle before things get awkward.

If Dro’s dad looks familiar, it’s because he’s played by Carlos Carrasco, a veteran character actor from Panamá.

ccarrasco48 / Twitter

You probably know him as Popeye from the movie “Blood In Blood Out.”

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He’s one of the many memorable members of La Onda, the Latino gang that Miklo is recruited to join when he is sent to prison.

When Miklo arrives in prison, Popeye is the first one to give him the lay of the land…

Buena Vista Pictures

… And after some tense moments with Miklo, he delivers this infamous line:

Buena Vista Pictures

Watch the movie. You wouldn’t want spoilers. It’s only been out for more than two decades.

If you haven’t seen “Blood In Blood Out,” you may remember Carrasco from “Speed,” where he played Ortiz.

20th Century Fox

Or “Gigantor” as officer Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves) refers to him in the film.

And, yes, he delivered another memorable line:

20th Century Fox

OK, back to Dro from “Insecure.” He’s played by Sarunas J. Jackson, who is also Panamanian.

Insecure / HBO

Jackson posted this photo on Instagram of he and Carrasco talking shop:

“Viva Panama!” wrote Jackson.

Carrasco also tweeted out a photo to express his pride:

Judging by the end of episode 5, it’s clear Dro will be sticking around for a few more episodes.


No spoilers, I promise! Whether or not his father reappears remains a mystery, but hopefully he comes back one more time to deliver another one of those scene-stealing lines.

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