Things Get A Little NSFW In Maluma’s Latest Video Featuring Wilmer Valderrama

Credit: MalumaVEVO / YouTube

“For every wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous woman in the world, there is somebody who is tired of being with her.”

That quote comes from Wilmer Valderrama’s character in “Felices Los 4,” the latest (probably NSFW) video from Colombian reggaeton superstar Maluma. In the video’s opening scene, we find a young, attractive bartender (Maluma), listening to the grievances of an older, more “experienced” dude played by Valderrama. From the jump, Valderrama makes it clear he’s not completely happy in his relationship. After Valderrama leaves the bar, an attractive woman sits down to order a drink. She makes eye contact with Maluma and moments later, she’s walking around Maluma’s pad clad in nothing but lingerie. Life definitely comes at you fast. At the end of video, we return to the bar, where we realize the woman at the bar making eyes at Maluma is actually — you guessed it — Valderrama’s significant other. “I see you’ve already met the most beautiful girl,” says Valderrama. “Oh yeah, I had the pleasure of meeting her,” replies Maluma with a knowing glance.

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