As The New Selena Series Comes Under Scrutiny, People Are Asking Where Is Selena’s Husband Chris Pérez Now?

Netflix’s Selena: The Series is arguably one of the year’s most hotly anticipated shows. It was on the radar of Selena fans everywhere since it was announced in 2018. We have all patiently waited for two years to finally see this show. People is asking where Chris Pérez is.

And now it’s here and it seems to have created tons of new questions among new and old Selena fans alike. Many are asking about the relationship between Selena and Chris Pérez, since it’s such a focal point of the new series.

Although it’s reported that Selena’s husband wasn’t involved in the development of the series, many are wondering (present company included), where is the Tejano star in his own right these days?

Pérez surprisingly had no part in the development of Netflix’s Selena: The Series.

One of the most important parts of the new series is the powerful and gut-wrenching relationship between Selena and her band’s guitarist, Chris Pérez. The show focuses on their secret relationship and eventual marriage, which lasted three years until the singer’s murder.

Despite their emotional romance and untimely ending, Pérez isn’t nearly as close to the family as he once was – reportedly, to the point that he had no idea the new Netflix series was being produced. In fact, on his Instagram, Pérez posted a photo of actor Jesse Posey who plays Pérez in the series, with the caption: “For the record, never met him, haven’t seen the script, and I have NO idea what is going on… but, I’d love to find out.”

It’s long been known that the Quintanilla patriarch, Abraham Quintanilla, strongly disapproved of their relationship. But that didn’t stop Pérez and Selena from working together on the band’s hits, collaborating with Selena’s brother on songwriting, and being a well-regarded figure as part of Selena’s legacy.

Selena’s death greatly affected Pérez but he’s learned how to cope after such a great loss.

Decades after Selena’s fan club president, Yolanda Saldívar, shot the singer, Pérez said that her death still shocks him. He told Entertainment Tonight in 2018, “There are times where it feels like you can pick up the phone and call her. Or, you are going to drive home and [think] she’s going to be there.”

After Selena’s murder, Pérez was depressed and turned to drugs and alcohol, which he wrote about in his memoir. Today, he is healthy and well. He married Venessa Villanueva in 2001 (divorced in 2008), and they have two children.

Even years after the death of his first love, he said that Selena still inspires him constantly. As her legacy continues in both her music and in this new Netflix show, Perez said that he believes her story will resound with young people for generations to come.

From writing to hot sauce, Pérez has kept himself busy in the decades since Selena’s death.

Whether or not there is bad blood with the Quintanillas in regard to the series, Pérez has rebuilt his life since Selena’s passing and continues his passion for all things music.

In 1999, he formed the Chris Pérez band and won the best Latin rock, urban or alternative album Grammy in 2000 for their album Resurrection. The band split up that year, and Pérez has since then worked with other members of Selena Y Los Dinos on reunion material, and with his latest effort the Chris Pérez Project.

The guitarist also famously loves anything hot and spicy (featured in the film Selena) and has actually released his own hot sauce line called Perez Pepper.

And although he doesn’t have a part in the latest series about his first love’s life and their relationship, he continues to wish nothing but the best for everyone involved. He even spoke highly of the new release, fondly recalling his days with Selena y Los Dinos. “I will forever respect the band and the people involved in it. I hope you guys enjoy this series,” he wrote.

As he told Good Morning America, Pérez continues to carry over Selena’s legacy and believes that “out of everybody that I’ve known in my life, I don’t know anybody more deserving than her.” Marking his support for retelling Selena’s story even further, the guitarist said, “The story keeps getting passed from generation to generation, which is amazing to me.”

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