People On Twitter Are Getting Emotional After Watching This Video Of Vicente Fernandez Singing ‘El Rey’

Over the course of his nearly 50-year-long music career, Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez has become known as El Rey de Música Ranchera. And if you’re familiar with his music, then you know that all of his songs lead to tears, tequila, and emotional singing. Recently, Fernandez was caught on camera singing to one of his classic songs, “El Rey.”

Here is the video that is giving so many people on the internet the chills.


Having this moment captured on camera was very special for many Chente fans, considering that his very last concert was held in April of 2016 and he announced that he will no longer be performing. Even though Fernandez is 77 years old, his voice is still as powerful as ever. As you can hear in the video, the crowd around Fernandez couldn’t help but sing along. It was a beautiful and nostalgic moment that led to several emotional responses across Twitter.

Some fans responded with one GIF to express their emotions about the video.

That was exactly my face while I watched the video.

And others admitted that hearing his voice gave them chills.

Hearing him sing makes me regret not going to one of his concerts.

Another reason why this video stirred a lot of emotions is because it reminded people of their loved ones.


Even people who aren’t fans of Vicente Fernandez almost cried while watching this video.?

Lol. This is how you know he is really El Rey. ??

And of course, listening to “El Rey” one more time made some people want to bring out a bottle of tequila.

*Pouring myself a shot*

There’s no question that when Chente fans hear the news of him passing away, there will be several tequila bottles involved.

*Pouring myself 5 more shots*

Here’s a throwback to Fernandez’s music video of “El Rey.”

Now I want to have a Vicente Fernandez karaoke night. Who’s in?

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