Here’s A List Of People We Think Would Be Perfect To Play The Next Catwoman

Warner Bros. and DC are in the search of their new Catwoman for the big screen, and word out of Hollywood is that they are looking for a woman of color. As We Got This Covered reports: “According to a new rumor reported by Cosmic Book News, Warner Bros. intends to cast women of color to play both Catwoman and Poison Ivy”. 

So who is Catwoman?

Credit: Batman: The Animated Series / Warner Bros. Animation 

Catwoman was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, the duo who of course came up with the whole Gotham universe and characters like Batman, Robin, The Penguin, Joker, and The Riddler. Catwoman’s real name is Selina Kyle and she is a burglar who uses a whip as a weapon (yes, she totally gives some kinky vibes). Catwoman and Batman have a love and hate relationship, as the masked crusader finds her appealing in her mischief. 

Hollywood Studios is going for diversity and even if it is for financial reasons it is sort of a good thing, right?

Credit: Catwoman / Warner Bros.

They found their TV Batwoman in the gender-neutral Aussie star Ruby Rose, so their minds are expanding in terms of more diverse casting choices. Catwoman is a slippery franchise when it comes to the box-office and critical success. Halle Berry’s Catwoman was a flop back in 2004 and Hollywood hasn’t wanted to touch the character with a large scale stand-alone movie. And, let’s be honest, Anne Hathaway was sort of lame in “The Dark Knight Rises.” Catwoman was also famously played by African-American actress Eartha Kitt on television. 

Well we have a few options that would absolutely kick ass on the big screen…

Michelle Rodriguez, the Latino dynamo
Why she would be: seriously, can you think of anyone more patea traseros than her?

Credit: Resident Evil / Constantin Films

Michelle is used to big productions. She has been key in both the Fast and Furious and Resident Evil franchises, and showed her fighting and jumping skills in the cult TV show Lost. She is fierce and an amazing Latina who would instill fear and desire in Bruce Wayne. We could totally see her in a black suit fighting the goodies and being totally empowered and just her awesome self. If she was the chosen one she would speak about diversity in Hollywood in every single interview because that is just how much she cares for her community. 

Selena Gomez, the Catwoman next door
Why she would be prrrfect: innocent on the outside, but fierce on the inside, just like Catwoman

Credit: Spring Breakers / Muse Productions

Selena is more than meets the eye. It has taken her years to shed the niña buena persona from her Disney movie years, but with more daring roles like the one in the totally bombastic “Spring Breakers,” she has worked hard for audiences to see her and judge her, differently. She is an actress of a much wider range than people usually give her credit for. This would be the perfect role for Selena to stop being considered a teen star only by mainstream audiences.

Kate Del Castillo, the seasoned veteran
Why she would be prrrfect: who is more hardhearted than Teresa Mendoza, the role that made Kate a global star?

Credit: Ingobernable / Netflix

The veteran Mexican actress is at a stage in her career in which she plays mature, fierce Latinas. She is good with action and her accent is just a testament of Latino pride. It would all depend on the plot and the stage of Catwoman’s life to be played, but Kate never takes a no for an answer and we love her for it. And to be honest her life has been so convoluted lately (remember that interview with El Chapo and how Sean Penn basically tricked her) that she would give tons of depth to the character. 

Becky G, leaping from the stage to the screen
Why she would be prrrfect: OMG, can you imagine the urban culture vibes she would give… and she would look FAN-TAS-TIC

Credit: iambeckyg / Instagram

She’s gotta body to kill and to be killed for. She is the voice of a new generation of Latinas and her physicality is agile and powerful, just like Catwoman. If she can pull the moves she puts at concerts on the screen pues está del otro lado. A jump from pop music stardom to the big screen is not unprecedented… did anyone say Lady Gaga?

DeWanda Wise, rising talent and just pure coolness
Why she would be prrrfect: she is the epitome of the Black, proud, fierce woman

Credit: @Netflix / Giphy

She was just amazing in Spike Lee’s show “She’s Gotta Have It.” Her feline green eyes are hypnotic and damn, she can wear black alright? DeWanda would be an excellent counterpart to Robert Pattinson’s Batman. She is an amazing actress with a bright future, the epitome of a proud Black woman. Spike Lee is totally in love with her talent and if you gotta trust one of the most important American directors of all time, right?

Karla Souza, the Mexican starlet who is ready to break into the mainstream
Why she would be prrrfect: she is an up and coming actress with a mysterious aura

Credit: karlasouza / Instagram

The Mexican actress was great in “How to Get Away with Murder” and has built quite an audience in her native Mexiquito. She has one of those faces that could perfectly conceal a secret identity. She has one of those faces that are hard to pin down: she has a classic beauty but also a modern, very millennial expression that makes her unforgettable.  

Lupita Nyong’o, the Oscar-winner who can do it all
Why she would be prrrfect: because she is perfection, period

Credit: lupitanyongo / Instagram

She already showed her total ability to slay both the blockbuster “Black Panther” and the art-house cinema “Us” circuits. If the powers that be at Warner want an intense origin story (like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker) then Lupita would be absolutely fantastic in the role. Can we give her a second Oscar already? And we can’t stop repeating it: she is Mexican! One of us, one of us! 

Ali Wong, the funny woman who is amazing by just being herself
Why she would be prrrfect: Because what about we make the Catwoman movie a hilarious, feminist comedy?

Credit: aliwong / Instagram

Admit it. You are at least a little bit intrigued by this possibility. Ali has been en los cuernos de la luna recently, due to her highly successful stand-up comedy specials on Netflix and the movie “Always Be My Maybe.” She has a natural charm and wit that would be refreshing for the superhero film genre. This is almost impossible, but one can only dream, right?

Zendaya, the superstar ready to jump from Marvel to DC
Why she would be prrrfect: total multicultural teen appeal

Credit: zendaya / Instagram

Her full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman and she is famous for having played Mary Jane, Spider-Man’s love interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She is a very mature young woman despite being only 23-years-old. If the DC Universe wants to appeal to a younger type of moviegoer, then someone like Zendaya is the way to go.

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