Veronica Vega Is Being Dragged All Over Twitter After Proclaiming ‘We All Black’ After A Fight With Amara La Negra

This season finale had all the drama and scandal one can expect.

The season finale for “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” was intense. After a drama-filled season, the show capped it all off with a showdown between veronica Vega and Amara La Negra. In the clip above about the fight, it is clear that Vega was doing her best to instigate some kind of confrontation. The scene starts with her calling Amara La Negra and Jojo fake and asking Steph Lecor why she is even hanging out with them. Then, while yelling, it looks like she reaches into her pocket and throws something at Jojo. Amara La Negra quickly reacts and jumps on the table and it becomes a melee with security ripping them apart. That’s when Vega’s tirade of insults takes a turn and people are offended.

“Tell the little girls, tell them that you’re a fake ass hoe with fake ass hair, representing a culture that you don’t f*cking understand,” Vega screams at Amara La Negra. She added in her confessional: “Your skin might be darker, my skin might be lighter, but we all black, girl. We all came from the same place.”

Twitter users are not happy with Vega’s comment.

Veronica Vega continues in her confessional to say that there are real people and fake people when it comes to cultural representation and implies that she is the real one in the argument.

Confusion and anger about her insensitive comment led to a Twitter dragging for the ages.

People really want to know if Veronica Vega truly believes that she is black.

Legit, people have a real problem with Vega’s claim of being black.

It’s just not okay. Period.

And they didn’t let the whole “fake” comments slide.


Appropriating black culture to further one’s music career has been the topic of many discussions lately. Other artists who have been accused of using black culture to boost their careers include Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus. When will people learn that appropriation is not appreciation?

Twitter users even called out Vega’s use of weave and wigs after calling Amara La Negra’s hair fake.


? ? ?

Some people across the Internet are using GIFs to express how appalled they are by Vega’s statement and behavior.

Dayum. That is some savagery.

But a few Twitter users just want Vega to remember that it’s Amara La Negra’s career that’s taking off.


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