Mexico Will Play First Two Qualifying Soccer Matches Without Fans Are Part Of Sanctions

Update June 21, 2021

The Mexican Federation is facing steep sanctions from FIFA following rowdy fans are a recent match. The sanctions will impact the team’s first two qualifying home matches against Jamaica on Sept. 2 and Canada on Oct. 7. Mexico fans have long faced backlash for their behavior and it has cost the team.

FIFA is taking strong action against the Mexican Federation because of the fans.

Mexico soccer fans often chant a homophobic slur from the stands as their national team plays. After a series of fines from FIFA, the global soccer organization has banned fans from attending the first two qualifying games. The move is the strongest action ever taken against the soccer team, according to ESPN.

According to the LA Times, the team has been fined $73,000 as well because of the way fans acted during the pre-Olympic qualifying tournament held in Guadalajara. Players can be seen telling fans to stop with the chant that has become demeaning term against gay men.

“There’s a million ways to show interest toward your team. Without discriminating,” Yon de Luisa, the president of the Mexican federation, said at the new conference announcing the penalty. “So we should focus on the positive ways. This is something that we are not proud of. This is not the image that we want to show from our fans and from our society to the rest of the world.”


Sunday’s soccer match between the United States and Mexico was one for the record books as many are calling it “locura” and “wildly controversial.” But given the history of football matches between the U.S. and Mexico, should anyone really be surprised by what happened on Sunday?

The U.S. team’s win over Mexico had no shortage of shocking moments. From fans chanting homophobic slurs and throwing bottles at opposing players and even one fan crashing the CBS News set, some people aren’t surprised at all by just how insane the match turned out to be.

Mexico and the U.S. battle it out for the championship in a particularly wild match.

On Sunday night in Denver, the Mexican and U.S. men’s national teams battled out in the final round of the inaugural CONCACAF Nations League. The long standing rivalry between the two teams rushed back to life and the final gave us fire; passion; shoving matches, and flying beer cans, and a player injured by one. And it ended in controversy that boosted the U.S. to a 3-2 win.

Mexico had been leading much of the match but the U.S. came back twice after two controversial calls and more than three hours of playtime. Both penalties had been awarded after lengthy video reviews and both decisions were met with furious protests.

Over the course of the three hour drama-filled match, we saw fans invade the pitch, multiple match stoppages for homophobic chanting, and plastic cups and bottles strewn across the sides of the field. One of the objects hit U.S. player Gio Reyna in the face as he celebrated his teams goal.

And the drama didn’t end once the match ended, with one fan crashing a CBS News set.

CBS Sports was airing a live postgame show when one daring fan jumped over a railing behind the set. The scary moment was caught on camera as a security guard chased the fan before his open-ended fall. It wasn’t immediately clear how far he fell or if the fan was injured in the situation. It’s also unknown if the jumper was caught.

But in the end, the U.S. walked away with a major victory over a longtime rival.

After the extra long match full over extra playtime, the U.S. team went onto win their first victory over Mexico since 2013. And they celebrated the extra special win – leaping over advertising boards to celebrate with overjoyed fans. The entire team repeatedly mobbed and chanted ‘Horvath’ (one of the many key players of the night) and just after 10:30 p.m., the team’s captain lifted their first trophy in almost four years. Congrats U.S.A!

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