Bad Bunny Teases Adidas Collection And Like Clock Work We’re All Losing It

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. So so so many of us wait on Bad Bunny’s every move with bated breath. Which is why the mere possibility that he teased his upcoming Adidas collarboartion sent the Internet into overdrive.

We don’t have to look too far back to understand why. Remember his Crocs collection? It literally sold out in minutes and they were reselling on other sites for hundreds of dollars in the days and weeks that followed.

So it makes sense that a teaser for Bad Bunny’s Adidas collaboration would grab people’s attention. Here’s a look at what we know so far.

Bad Bunny teases his collaboration with Adidas.

bad Bunny recently shared an Instagram story from Janthony Oliveras, someone who the New York Times described as Bad Bunny’s “right hand” in October 2020. The story teased the upcoming collaboration between Benito and Adidas, which so many fans had long been waiting for.

The series of videos and pictures unveiled all of the new pieces from the debut Bad Bunny x Adidas collection. First teased by the “Mia” musician himself in his “Yo Visto Así” music video last year, the collab stars a new take on the classic Adidas Forum basketball silhouette. The iteration sport a tan and beige color scheme contrasting by dark brown overlays with the musician’s signature eye logo on the tongue. The design also comes with the option of bright blue laces as well.

As seen in Oliveras’ post, the collection also entails a dual logo skateboard as well as a few other co-branded items with one resembling a bag of coffee grinds.

Although this isn’t our very first look. Remember his video for “Yo Visto AsĂ­”?

It was just back in November when fans got their first hint that a likely Bad Bunny x Adidas collaboration was in the world. In his video for “Yo Visto AsĂ­”, we can see him sporting unique looking Adidas sneakers, as he’s joined by other notable celebs including Ricky Martin, Sofia Vergara and Ruby Rose in the standout production. Bad Bunny himself opted for the blue laces and tucked the style over ribbed white crew socks.

This isn’t Bad Bunny’s first collab and likely won’t be his last.

Bad Bunny has been hard at work building a brand for himself, and this has included some pretty stellar collaborations. In September of 2020, Bad Bunny partnered with Crocs for their first-ever collaboration and the clogs came with a very special feature: they glow in the dark.

Those very popular Crocs launched in limited quantities on Crocs.com with a price tag of $60 but they sold out within minutes and are now available on resell sites for anything from between $189 and $350! So, it’s safe to say that if you want to get your hands on this upcoming Adidas collab, you better stay tuned for all the updates since neither Bad Bunny nor Adidas have confirmed a release date or pricing options.

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