A Woman Went On A Rampage On Facebook And Said She Hated ‘Childless Women’ At Disney ‘With A Burning Passion’

Whether you’re a grown adult or a toddler, it’s safe to say that stepping foot inside of a Disney park will always fill you with warm and fuzzy feelings–no matter how long you know you might have to wait in line for a refreshing michelada, a warm churro, or a sweet Dole Whip. Disney was built to be a comforting destination for people, children and adults alike. So of course, visiting a Disney theme park will always be a special experience that many people will save money and time for, no matter what age we are.

Which means yes, we’re going to feel some type of way when someone makes the claim that if you’re an adult, with no kids, you should stay at home. 

Because excuse me, what? 

On July 19, Twitter user @JenKatWrites shared a screenshot of a Facebook post where a woman argues that “childless couples” should not be allowed at Disney theme parks.

The screenshot of a Facebook post featured the words of a Facebook user who argued that adults who did not have children should not attend Disney theme parks. The anonymous mother wrote that “It pisses me off TO NO END!!!!! when I see CHILDLESS COUPLES WITHOUT ANY [KIDS] AT DISNEY WORLD!!!!!” That featured some very non-child-friendly expletives and a trove of emojis.

The woman who penned the Facebook post went on to say that millennials will never understand the “joy and happiness” it brings to mothers when they buy their babies treats and toys at Disney theme parks. 

“DW is a FAMILY amusement park!!!!! yet these IMMATURE millennials THROW AWAY THEIR MONEY ON USELESS CRAP!!!!” the user wrote.

(Trust, we understand the joy. It’s the same we feel when we spend our hard-earned money on a tasty michelada from Disney California Adventure). 

The rant signed off with the words that the user hated”childless women with a BURNING PASSION!!!!”


Once Twitter got wind of it, there was no turning back.

“This is my new favorite wild mommy post. It’s me, the millennial slut who just goes to Disney World to make children cry,” Twitter user @JenKatWrites wrote in her initial tweet. 

Although it looks like the screenshot of the original Facebook post was dated “September 22” of an unknown year, the content of the post was enough to send Twitter users who felt attacked spiraling. 

Users were quick to point out that the most offensive proponents of this post weren’t the millennial shaming, but the actual callousness of hatefully attacking women who did not have children. As if, for many women not having children is a choice, instead of a massive burden that they carry as they struggle with pregnancy complications and miscarriages. Let’s not forget that the user also grossly overlooked the fact that a destination like Disney can be extremely triggering for women who do not have children and wish that they did.

Twitter was also quick to clap back because we’re so over the millennial shaming. Like, really, get a new joke people.

But also because millennials love a good pair of rose gold colored Minnie Mouse ears, so just let us live our best lives, okay?

Sounds like a pretty legit life goal to us. 

This Twitter user’s argument is very relatable to a lot of (currently childless) Latinx kids who went to a Disney theme park ONCE growing up or none at all.

“So because my parents couldn’t afford to take me to Disneyland when I was a kid, now that I’m an adult with no kids of my own I’m just supposed to not go because I chose not to have kids myself,” wrote the Twitter user. Honestly, say it louder for those in the back. 

Another Twitter user AND FELLOW MOTHER shared that she, in fact, would “LOVE to go back and enjoy the rides and attractions” without her kids.

“But seriously, what an embarrassment. Amusement parks are for everyone,” she added. 

One person on Twitter shared the New York Post article and recalled a time when another mom at Disney told her “THANK GOD YOU’RE MAKING MEMORIES HERE BEFORE YOUR KIDS RUIN IT!!”

See? Can’t we just enjoy Disney to the fullest until we have to be the scorned person who hates seeing other childless couples enjoying their time at the amusement park without having chasing their toddlers all day? 

Others found loopholes in the woman’s plan to enjoy Disney without people that haven’t birthed any children.

The woman had also written that “People without CHILDREN need to be BANNED!!! Mothers with children should be allowed to skip ALL THE LINE!!! YOU HAVE NO F*CKING IDEA WHAT IT’S LIKE TO HAVE TO STAND IN LINE FOR 3 HOURS WITH A CRANKY TIRED EXHAUSTED TODDLER!!!” 

Anyway, reading that Facebook post in full was a mouthful. But childless millennials, keep on doing you. Enjoy your Disney churro! 

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