Latinos Are Laughing-Crying Playing This Tragos Game

Founded earlier this year, this tragos game was created by a Carolina Acosta from Queens who wanted to create a Latino card game designed to make us laugh at ourselves.

“Tragos was born out of an appreciation I gained after visiting South America for the first time. I fell in love with my culture again after having almost forgotten what it was to be a Latina.” During her trip to South America, Carolina became friends with John Lim and they bonded over their respective cultures. John then suggested the idea of creating a cultural drinking game and they started brainstorming until this brought this idea to life.

The rules to the game is simple: you pick a card from the deck and you or your friends drink when the card tells you to. Your party will be lit in no time!

This is Tragos:

Made with pure Latino pride, Tragos is the drinking card game that your mom will not approve. Each box holds 110 cards, designed with unique references that only Latinos will understand.

All you need to get this party game started is that precious deck, some friends, and your trago of choice. Friends and drinks not included.

There are six different types of cards.

You might pick up an “if” card, as in “If you still live with you still live with your mom, take 3 sips.” You might pick up a “categories” card, which means you go in a circle around the group naming things that fit the category (i.e. cositas your mom used to hit you with) without repeating. The person who waits longer than 5 seconds to respond is the “loser” and has to take X many sips.

For Latinos, Tragos is just a fun way to relive and laugh at the cringy experiences of our childhood, but anyone can play.

The founder of the game is from Queens, NY, but the Latinx minds that have helped make Tragos possible include cultures from Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Mexico.

Consider Tragos the social experiment you needed to find out who you can call the next time your boss calls you “fiery.”

Trust that Tragos is effectively building a support group for you post-game. But for now, Tragos is all about getting borracho and screaming, “Omg, me!” with your friends. Plus, being Latino is forever finding out that that weird thing you do (read: unable to leave a single crumb on your plate) is actually something that we all relate to.

Depending on your age and how much you can rage, Tragos is perfect for pre-gaming, a good ice breaker for a low-key Taco Tuesday, or the best way to spend your Friday night in.

There are no instructions included in the game which means you can actually turn your brain off at the end of the day and let loose. Call it a game of minimalism — all you need is what you already have: friends, alcohol and this made-by-Latinos-for-Latinos drinking game.

If alcohol isn’t your thing, you can swap tragos for a mordida and take a bit of your favorite snack every time the card says to drink.

Hint, hint: win all the hostess with the mostess points by having maduros and tostones on hand. Swapping drinks for your favorite dish is a great way to fill your tummy while getting to know your friends and family a bit better and laughing at your experiences.

The very first folks who have played Tragos say it’s “funny as hell” and a great reminder that “Latinidad is something to celebrate.”

@BeatsByInfamy / Twitter

In an Instagram post, fan @veronicakitty_ wrote “Tragos is one of the many things in my life that remind me that my Latinidad is something to celebrate and a reminder that our culture is rich & diverse asf. And because the people behind the making of this card game are genuine, fun people marinated in sazón.” We love that!

“Tragos” keeps selling out, so get yours while they last!

Promise, your next primo party will be funny as hell when you whip out this deck and you expose which primo is the chismoso. Really, Tragos is improving public safety.

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The game is currently on sale for $19.99, and, well, you know the stereotype. Latinos love a sale.

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