Someone Finally Made A Spanglish Version Of ‘No Scrubs’ So Latinas Can Now Tell Cornballs To Get Lost Bilingually

In 1999, nobody wanted to be called a “scrub.” Much less did you want to be with or around anyone who could be described as a scrub. It was always a slight diss, but when R&B royalty TLC dropped their six-time platinum album “FanMail” and the world heard the instant classic “No Scrubs,” the word “scrub” went from diss to dagger. It was used to cut down any would be cat-caller, pretend-baller, and cornball trying to get the attention of the ladies by pretending to be someone they weren’t. It’s a diss that’s been in the subconscious of all who grew up on it. Fast forward almost two decades later, and “No Scrubs” is about to make a comeback.

Cuban born singer Wendy Sarmiento, who you may know from Telemundo’s “La Voz Kids,” has just dropped this re-imagining of the classic R&B song “No Scrubs” by TLC.

Sarmiento has made it no secret that it’s a nod to TLC’s hit, even keeping a large part of the chorus that made the original so famous. Switching between English and Spanish, 16-year-old Sarmiento has a voice that is beyond her years. It has grown leaps and bounds vocally since her her first audition on “La Voz Kids.”

The song is by production duo Dropout, with Sarmiento providing all vocals on the track.

Writing on the song was provided by Latin Grammy nominee Ale Alberti.

Back when she performed “Ven Conmigo” on “La Voz Kids,” Sarmiento was just 11.  She got a huge reaction from the crowd for repping both Cuba and Miami.

Credit: La Voz Kids/ YouTube

Although only one of the judges chose her, they were all impressed by her poise and composure. And once back stage, she talked about being proud of herself for finishing strong and working through her nerves, even though she says her mind went blank on stage.

As you’ll recall, “No Scrubs” was THE song of 1999 and lived on all throughout the early 2000’s, before Sarmiento was even born.

Credit: TLCVEVO/ YouTube

No worries, though, as Dropout and Sarmiento have put together a song that not only sounds good, but pays tribute to the original by leaving the chorus intact.

Many will recall the rebuttal track by Yonkers, NY rappers “Sporty Thieves,” who hit back at the song with “Pigeons,” a satirical take on “No Scrubs.”

Credit: SportyThievzVEVO/ YouTube

While achieving only a sliver of the airplay and success of “No Scrubs,” Sporty Thieves aligned themselves with the classic and kids on school courtyard’s all over the country teased back and forth “Scrub!” and “Pigeon!” It was a simpler time.

Check out the full song below.

Credit: Wendy Sarmiento/ YouTube

Looks like we get to keep calling cornballs “Scrubs” for the foreseeable future, but now in English and Spanish. ?

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