15 Times Starbucks Butchered Latino Names Like It Was Nothing

Starbucks is where your name goes to die…literally. Like, WTF is going on over there? Have you tried to make your employees pass basic spelling tests? Here are perfect examples that Starbucks just DGAF about your nombre.

Elesha? Elesiya?

@eleisha_white / Instagram

Probably none of the above. Actually, none of the above. It’s Eleisha.

When I say Monika “with a K,” I don’t mean this:

@just..monika._ / Instagram

I do not mean Konica. Some baristas just think they’re soooooo funny.

Imagine walking into work holding this cup…

@dawniedawnm / Instagram

Denise! Her name is Denise!

The Instagram user captioned that this is the result of poor spelling and sloppy handwriting. We think this barista just had something else on their mind.

…Or this one.

@jrjrm71 / Instagram

JORGE! It’s Jorge! A for phonetics, F for common sense.

Speaking of common sense, when has anyone ever spelled Juanita this way?

@starbucksfucksnames / Instagram

Osea, WHERE do you hear a W in Jjjjjuanita?

Is your last name Toyota? Cause you lookin like a Carola.

@carlaj7 / Instagram

The name is Carla.

Hi, this barista would like to buy extra vowels.

@starbucksfucksnames / Instagram

Where on this planet have you seen Rachel spelled this way? Tell me. I have all day.

We would say this barista tried but did they?

@adriawful / Instagram

DID THEY? Some go out of their way to intentionally spell something wrong.


@thellavenderllama / Instagram

Umm excuse me? Which elementary school did this person go to? I need to avoid sending my kids there.

It’s bad enough that our names get mispronounced and misspelled but how dare anyone CUT OUR NAMES IN HALF and still misspell them!

@caro_stvs / Instagram

How on earth do you go from Carolina to Adela?

This clearly took extra effort to mess up.

@cervantez.sabrina / Instagram

Say it with me: SA ????????BRI ????????NA ????????.

Like did you really think this person’s actual name was CORNY?

@courtneyanneq / Instagram

You can’t tell me you really thought this person’s name is actually Corny.

This is what a half-ass attempt looks like.

@phil.rodwell / Instagram

Whether the name is Felipe or Phil or Phillip, this lame excuse of an attempt is just unacceptable.

How do you go from Venus to… Fenix? WITH AN F?!

@ve_watson / Instagram

Tell me where you hear an F when I say Venus. Tell me.

It’s things like these that make me wonder how some of these people even passed grade school.

@louis_morris19 / Instagram

Seriously, did you even try?

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