This Three-Year-Old Latino Skateboarder Takes Slams And Gets Buck In This Vid

When you think of a toddler on a skateboard, you might not have the highest expectations. But that’s probably because you haven’t seen three year old Zachariah Sanchez. With help from his father Mike Sanchez, also a skateboarder, the three-year-old Long Beach native’s abilities are head and shoulders above what most might expect. With his skills, Zachariah has already amassed nearly 20K followers on his Instagram account. Let’s check him out!

The three-year-old is already jumping down stairs like a pro.

Nka Vids Skateboarding/Youtube

Nailed it.

And Sanchez is already taking falls like a pro.

Nka Vids Skateboarding/Youtube

Don’t worry. He’s okay.

Seriously, the kid takes a beating.

Zachariah Sanchez / YouTube

Don’t worry. He’s okay. Right?

And like a pro, he keeps trying until he’s able to get the trick.

Nka Vids Skateboarding/Youtube

Determination 101.

And the three year old already knows what it’s like to get hassled by the cops.

Nka Vids Skateboarding/Youtube

He’s just trying to get the trick!

Nka Vids channel on YouTube highlights a lot of young Latino skateboarders, but Zachariah is easily the youngest so far.

Nka Vids Skateboarding / YouTube

Be sure to check out the whole video to see Zachariah Sanchez in action. And be sure to check out Zachariah’s Instagram channel so you can keep up with his latest progress.

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