Here’s What ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Sounds Like With A Little Bit Of Spanish

Their Spanish lyrics are giving this song some sabor.

There has been a lot of talk about the real-life “Beauty and the Beast” movie that hit theaters March 17. People have thrown a lot of their own creative talents and energy at making fun tributes to the movie, including mitú’s mariachi rendition of “Beauty and the Beast.” Now, aspiring musician Cristina Quinones and Johnny Ice took the song to the next level and gifted the world with a Spanish-language remix of the timeless classic. The duo start the song in English and add their own riffs and vocal stylings to make it their own. But at about 1:48, they switch the language and the song remains just a beautiful, if not more so. If you are a Disney fan who loves to see their culture represented, this video is for you.

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