William Levy Is Auctioning Off A Dinner Date. Oh And You Get To Help Others

This organization is giving you a chance to have dinner with William Levy.

William Levy and A Thousand Joys have partnered up to get you a dinner date with the Cuban heartthrob. Oh, you’d also be helping a great cause. A Thousand Joys has been around since 2006 with a mission to help people reach their highest potential by helping people work through trauma they have experienced in their lives. An example of a program offered by A Thousand Joys is the “Peace And Release” program, which focuses on helping people who are helping the victims of domestic violence. According to A Thousand Joys’ website, the organization focuses on working with people to build healthier habits and practices to promote a better work environment and a better healing experience. By promoting and teaching better self-care practices, the people at A Thousand Joys believes that those helping others can better help those who need it most.

You can be entered for a chance to have dinner with Levy by donating $10 dollars. If you want 10 chances, donate $100. There is no limit on how many times you can enter so you can really increase your odds. Find out more about A Thousand Joys and how you can win a dinner with William Levy here and here.

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