This New Trailer For “Riverdale” Is Only 30 Seconds Long, But Fans Are Freaking Out About It

Another trailer for season two of “Riverdale” has been released and fans are marking down the premiere date in their calendars.

After a deadly finale in the first season of “Riverdale,” fans have been waiting to find out what is going to happen next. Even though this new promo for season two is only 30 seconds long, the glimpse that’s revealed in the video is enough to leave people on the internet crazy in suspense. The main question that has been lingering from season one is, “WHO SHOT FRED ANDREWS?!” And it seems like fans will find out on October 11th, when season two of “Riverdale” premieres.

Just when you thought the plot of season one was insane, fans realize they won’t be able to handle season two.

And this is how they feel just by looking at the trailer.

But no matter how crazy this show might drive “Riverdale” fans, they just can’t get enough.

Accurate AF.

And having to wait till October 11th is only driving them more crazy.

Just a couple more weeks… ?

With nerves on edge, these “Riverdale” fans are READY for season two.

So in case you don’t have any friends that are obsessed ‘Riverdale’ fans like yourself, then you can hit up this person on Twitter and join in on the “Riverdale” season two party.

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