Whether You Like This Song Or Not, The Music Video Sends A Chilling Message About Family And Addiction

Ozuna’s new single, “Tu Foto,” sounds like a breakup song dedicated to an ex, but the music video reveals that it’s about a much bigger issue – addiction.

Right away, the video opens up with a very touching message from Ozuna, as he gently says,

“La vida tiene un solo destino: morir… Dale valor a cada momento. El tiempo que se va, no regresa. El relo nunca para. Cada hora tiene un valor… Nunca permites que el vicio, con tu alma acabe.”

With this message in mind, the video takes you through the narratives of three different relationships: the first one about a mother and her daughter, the second about a boyfriend and his girlfriend, and the third about a son and his little brother – all of which have one thing in common: addiction. Unfortunately, it’s because of their addictions that their loved ones are negatively affected in the long run.

The music video for “Tu Foto” concludes with this message:

“Todo el que se sienta amo de sus vicios, arrastrará al mismo destino a quien tenga a su camino.”

What other important messages do you think Ozuna’s new video is conveying? Check out the video and let us know in the comments below.

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