This Is What Mean Girls Would Look Like Recast With Latino Actors

Mean Girls from 2004 has survived the test of time as a classic coming-of-age story that follows the conventions of teen movies and rom-coms, but adds a quirky and delicious twist. The story of an innocent girl who lands in a high school ruled by the clique The Plastics was innovative in its portrayal of body image issues, gender representation and revolutionary girl power. The movie was scripted by Our Lady Funny, Tina Fey, so it is not a surprise that it feels so fresh and current even today.  It is hard to believe that this timeless classic is almost 15 years old!

But… and this is a big but…. Mean Girls scored pretty low on the diversity scale, so we need to give it our world famous “recast with Latinos” treatment. In today’s popular media plenty of Latino talent has made their voice heard in the United States and other markets like Latin America, Spain and even Asia. It was hard for us to choose this imagined cast! We chose both upcoming and established faces in the deep well of Latino talent of the entertainment industry.

As us Latinos say: Pa luego es tarde! 

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