This Artist Showed Us What An Anime Inspired ‘Anything For Selenas’ Scene Might Have Looked Like

The “Selena” movie is known for its many, many iconic scenes. Whether Selena was grabbing pizza with Chris Perez, or brushing off an ignorant salesperson at the mall, everyone has their favorite moment. Personally, my favorite scene is when Selena waves down two cholos to help when her tour bus is stuck on the side of the highway.

Thankfully, Christina Henderson has drawn out that scene showing us what might have been had Selena ever crossed over into mitú flavored, anime-inspired illustrations. Let’s take a look…

With her tour bus broken down on the side of the road, Selena waves at two gentlemen to pull over. They basically looked at her just like…

CREDIT: Christina Henderson / Behance

She approaches the car and the duo immediately go into ? fanboy ? mode for Selena, because she’s Selenas!

Selena didn’t really do much aside from being Selena when the fellas jump to the rescue.


They have a “V8 and 400 horses,” so of course they were confident they could pull “anything out of anywhere.” The cholos then chain the bumper of their car to the bus and hit the gas. Everyone yells, “gun it!”

Things don’t go according to plan, however…


To the horror of everyone watching, the cholos end up having their bumper ripped completely off. Selena apologizes, saying, “we are so sorry!” The rest of the band apologizes too, offering to pay for their bumper.

But the cholos were more than okay with their bumper getting destroyed exclaiming, “This bumper is going to go on the wall of my garage, carnal!”


“I’m going to put a little sign under it. It’s gonna say, ‘this bumper was pulled off by the bus of Selenas,'” they proclaimed. The two knights-in-shining-armor end up offering the band a ride down the road to a pay phone so they can make a call for more help.

The guys were more than happy to help because…


In case you were curious, Abraham Quintanilla confirmed that this scene actually happened IRL. The owner of the car even claimed he was going to put the bumper on display, just like in the movie.

Check out the entire “Anything for Selenas” clip right here.

“SELENA” / Warner Bros

Still ?? my ?? favorite ?? scene!

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