A Reporter Said This Cuban-Mexican-American Pop Star Should Drop Her Last Name Because She Can’t Pronounce It

Erin Lim, the host of E! News’ Snapchat segment called “The Rundown” is in some hot water following her commentary on Camila Cabello and her name. The E! News reporter couldn’t just talk about Camila Cabello’s career without throwing shade at the Cuban-Mexican-American about her last name. But the Twitter warriors took to the airwaves and let her know what they think of her off-color humor.

This is the video that has subjected Erin Lim a severe Twitter dragging.

“Drop the last name,” Lim says about Camila Cabello’s last name. “It’s difficult to pronounce and unnecessary.”

Some people took the opportunity to give Lim a free Spanish lesson on how to pronounce the “difficult” and “unnecessary” name.

It’s not like you’re having to pronounce Rodriguez-Jimenez, which can be a tongue twister. It’s Ca-Bae-Yo.

And some people just wanted her to know that her comments were, well, insensitive.

There was a sense of pride as people pointed out that a last name carries heritage and identity.

It’s not like these names were pulled out of a hat to make life harder for entertainment reporters. These names come from somewhere.

And this Twitter user let Lim know that she created an unnecessary situation by not just learning how to say a name.

Anybody got some ointment for these burns?

What do you think?

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