This ‘Despacito’ Mix By James Corden Takes The Song Of The Summer To Recap The Craziness Of These Last Three Hot Months

Credit: The Late Late Show with James Corden/ YouTube

“I hope next summer we can take it slowly… like De-spa-cito.”

Jame’s Corden recently took “Despacito,” which is poised to be the biggest summer song of all time, and used it to rap a recap of the summer news cycle. It covered everything from all the drama in the White House and politics, Trump’s blunders and even the game of chicken the president is playing with North Korea. On a lighter note, he brought up the Bachelorette’s controversial choice this season, Beyonce’s twins, rumors that Rihanna might be having babies of her own, and then threw in everyone’s summer obsessions: rompers for men (romphims), fidget spinners and the dancing hotdog from Snapchat.

There really are some clever lyrics in the song and Corden follows the beat to a T. It’s been a crazy 2017, but remember how just yesterday it was 2016 and we were all like “well, it can’t get any worse.” Um, we definitely spoke too soon.

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