This Cat’s Family Threw Her A Quinceañera For Her 15th Birthday And People On The Internet Are Loving It

This cat is now officially cooler than you, and this is why…

This family decided to throw their cat, Luna, a quinceañera, and it was no joke. They sent out invitations, bought Luna a dress and a crown and even got a cake and a bunch of decorations. This family went all out! And this little diva cat enjoyed every second of it.

People on the internet are totally obsessed with this cat-eañera.

They even have centerpieces!!!!!

Some people are even admitting that this cat’s quinceañera turned out to be far more fabulous than their own parties.

This is one spoiled kitty cat.

This kitty’s party is so fab, people are getting inspired to plan a quinceañera for their own pet.

And if you can’t afford it, no problem! Just create a list of padrinos to help you out.

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