We Have Another ‘Ferdinand’ Trailer And It’s Clear That The Movie Is Giving Us A Different Take On The Classic Tale

You might remember “The Story of Ferdinand” from your childhood. Mami, papi or a teacher probably read the story of a sweet bull in Spain who was considered a beast – but readers know that was anything but the case. All Ferdinand wanted to do was hang out in the pasture with his flowers because he is just chill AF.

Well, 20th Century Fox is bringing the story of Ferdinand to life… With a couple of plot changes. One of those changes features Gina Rodriguez as a helpful hedgehog named Una. The new trailer for “Ferdinand” has been released and it’s absolutely adora-bull. ? Here are a few points from the trailer that diverge from the original story written by Munro Leaf.

The new trailer for “Ferdinand” is out and it’s giving audiences a chance to see the difference between the movie and original story, like Ferdinand having a human family who loves and care for him.

20th Century Fox UK / YouTube

We still get to see Ferdinand grow up from a sweet little calf into an enormous and fear-inspiring bull. If it wasn’t for his gentle nature, people would probably run the other way from him.

But don’t worry, they keep the big moments, like Ferdinand sitting on a bee and being mistaken as angry and aggressive.

20th Century Fox UK / YouTube

In the original story, Ferdinand is stung in the pasture as men are looking for bulls to fight Matadors in Madrid. The trailer shows the same scene going down in the middle of one of Spain’s famous town plazas.

Confused, scared, and probably still sore from the bee sting, Ferdinand gets rounded up to fight matadors in Spain despite his gentle demeanor.

20th Century Fox UK / YouTube

This is the part of the story that probably made you cry. Don’t lie.

This is when the real adventure begins, as Ferdinand starts doing everything he can to make it back to his family.

20th Century Fox UK / YouTube


But, being a bull, the escape to freedom comes with some inevitable clumsy moments.

20th Century Fox UK / YouTube

His whole escape is basically a giant metaphor for a bull in a china shop if that china shop is life and Ferdinand is all of us trying to make things work out the best we can.

Despite the clear divergence from the original story, the trailer shows that the heart of the story remains intact: Ferdinand is a lover, not a fighter.

20th Century Fox UK / YouTube

Just like the book, Ferdinand prefers smelling the flowers in the arena rather than fighting the matador.

You can watch the full “Ferdinand” trailer below.

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