#TravelFromHome Videos Are Trending Right Now On TikTok Because We Can’t Escape The Real World

Andy Warhol predicted a time everyone would have 15 minutes of fame. He was nearly right – it is actually 15 seconds. That is the maximum duration of a video clip with music (non-music clips can last up to a minute) on TikTok, the video-sharing platform that has taken the world by storm as so many of us are under safer-at-home orders.

For many the social media platform offers an escape from the very real and often very scary world that we are all trying to get used to amid a global pandemic. For others, the platform is trying to offer a literal escape through hilarious #TravelFromHome videos. They’re everything I want in a viral video right now and I couldn’t be happier.

Despite the global lockdowns, everyone is still traveling…without leaving their living rooms.

The pandemic is forcing people to get creative if they want to hold onto those dreams of flying up, up and away again. Social media users are now one-upping each other on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook by recreating scenes of themselves roaming through airports, gazing out of airplane windows, and even missing their flights.

TikTok is the social media sensation of lockdown and here’s why.

Popular with the under-25 crowd who make up its core audience, TikTok this year surpassed Facebook and WhatsApp as the world’s most downloaded non-gaming app.

TikTok’s content doesn’t take itself too seriously, and ranges from food to fashion, pranks to pets – as well as the ubiquitous dance challenges. It is a perfect fit, in other words, for the lockdown, when many of us are stuck inside and in desperate need of some fun/distraction. This may be why, even if you haven’t downloaded it, you suddenly find, clogging up your social media, clips of Justin Bieber dancing to I’m a Savage by Megan Thee Stallion, or Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez swapping outfits to Drake’s Flip the Switch. It seems everyone from doctors and nurses in PPE to bemused parents quarantined with teenagers are flocking to the app – and sometimes going viral in the process.

So what is this #TravelFromHome challenge all about?

Let’s start with this incredible ski vacation that was filmed by Philipp Klein Herrero. He had his annual family ski trip planned but had to cancel because of the Coronavirus pandemic. So he got creative. And the results are incredible.

He used his GoPro and a stop-animation technique to recreate his trip, hoping to cheer up family and friends. When he posted the video to YouTube he ended up reaching an audience of over 600,000.

How did this TikTok’er make it to a beautiful beach during a lockdown?


Oh wait…he didn’t.

This TikTok star is causing some serious travel envy…

But why?! It’s all fake. And I’m living for it nonetheless.

Then there’s clip of a wannabe business class traveler arriving to his tropical beach destination.

The now viral video shows what looks like a business-class passenger enjoying the luxuries of business class travel: a cocktail in hand, tray table down, and arriving into a tropical paradise.

But a few seconds later – as the camera moves backwards – we see the big reveal. The ‘plane window’ is actually the door of a washing machine and that beautiful tropical scenery – a YouTube clip playing on an iPad placed inside.

The clip was created, with the world grounded, by the would-be ‘passenger’, Jeroen Gortworst, who hails from Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and uploaded to TikTok, where it has been viewed millions of times. He told the Daily Mail that he only spent about 10 minutes dressing the set with all the props with his boyfriend.

He added: “I’m really surprised by how popular it has been. The video got 40,000 views on TikTok.” Then he saw it had been posted on Facebook where it had racked up millions of views.

But don’t worry if you don’t have an expensive washing machine. A coffee mug will do.

Apparently, it’s totally fine to also use short clips of copyrighted (read: popular) songs on TikTok. In one viral video, Dina Butti, an Egyptian Canadian living in Dubai, edited her take with Bob Marley’s “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.” Marley tells us “Don’t worry about a thing” as Butti pretends to stare out her plane window while actually gazing into her washing machine door. Others have cleverly placed screens behind toilet seats – anything that mimics that classic airplane oval shape seems to work.

We’ve even got people using baby laundry detergent bottles to trick us…

Is nothing sacred??!

And apparently surfing is still in option during lockdown… You just can’t actually go into the ocean.

Just don’t try doing this at an actual beach. Even in Florida where apparently the governor has reopened the state’s beaches despite the ongoing threat of Covid-19.

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